Saturday, December 26, 2015

On Christmas Day, 2015, a miracle happened.  Maybe for some, it would not seem to be so. I know deep in my heart it is a miracle.  I will explain.
It began early, early Christmas morning while I slept.  And it began with a dream.

There were two unusual aspects of this dream.  I dreamed that I accidentally flooded someone’s kitchen floor.  It was not heavy water, just enough to wet the floor. I got a mop to clean up the water.  It was then I noticed a turtle on the wet floor.  Then there was another one.  I woke up remembering these turtles and was curious as to what it could mean, I have had very unusual dreams for many years.  And fortunately have a dream interpretation book that was written by a British Lady (nobility) who has studied the ancient oracles of dream symbolism.  

When I looked up turtles in dreams, I was surprised at the interpretation.  I know turtles have different meanings.  Dreams carry a different aspect of meaning.

This is what the interpretation was…to dream of turtle(s) means that one’s ambition is blocked due to inner hostilities.

This took me back.  I know I have anger issues. I have been transforming my anger for quite a long time.  Much has been transformed due to Master Sha’s powerful practices and downloads.  However, even though hostility is a part of anger, it is a subtler component of anger. I had concentrated on the obvious overt aspect of my anger.  Not the hidden hostilities. As a result, I was still blocked in important areas of my life.

Hostility is the key as to the way things are blocked.  I still harbor hostility in the hidden components of my personality,  It is holding me prisoner.  As a result, it is very difficult to move out from the prison and the limitations of my mind.
To carry hostility is not in balance…it is not in the oneness.

I ask for guidance for more detail.  Hostility stems from many lifetimes of a unforgiving attitude. Hostility results from trying to control my life rather than trusting and following the Tao.  The Tao is the laws and principles that govern all life. The Tao teaches us to follow nature’s way.  To allow what happens without trying to control the outcome.  Tao is Oneness.

Hostility is stored in a huge warehouse in the heart. Hidden hostilities is the key for heart blockages.  Heart blockages block every aspect of life.
I was guided to trace Master Sha’s Calligraphies,  chant, ask for forgiveness and ask for all the hidden hostilities in my heart to be transformed.  For all the blockages to transform into opportunities.

I wanted to share this with as many as possible.  This realization has opened a door that has been closed for a long, long time.  Maybe it can help you too.  

To be set free is truly a miracle.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Rushing into action, you fail.
Trying to grasp things, you lose them.
Forcing a project to completion, you ruin what was almost ripe.

Therefore, the Master takes action by letting things take their course.
He remains as calm at the end as at the beginning.
He has nothing thus has nothing to lose.
What he desires is non- desire; what he learns is to unlearn.
He simply reminds people of who they have always been.

He cares for nothing but the Tao.

Thus he can care for all things.

Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  Don't resist them- that only creates sorrow.  Let reality be reality.  Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.           Lao Tzu

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gratitude...the deepest respect

There is an ancient saying:
Zhong sheng wei guo, pu sa wei yin.

Zhong sheng wei guo means when normal human beings have an unpleasant result, they are afraid, worried and concerned.

Pu sa wei yin means highly enlightened masters understand karma.  They pay attention to ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, think no evil'.  They are afraid of the cause not the result because they deeply understand when they create bad karma, unpleasant results will follow.

How do you avoid creating negative karma as a human being?
First, pay close attention to what you watch, what you  listen to, what you speak.  Pay attention to what you are thinking.

Ask your Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to guide you and to remind you when you are seeing, listening to, speaking and thinking things that create negative karma.

They will help you if you allow them too.

Please allow me to share an experience I had recently. This experience greatly helped me to transform potential negative karma.

I woke one morning and was not feeling well emotionally.  I felt very sad and lonely.
This type of feeling can easily provoke complaining and thinking negative thoughts.

I heard very gently in my mind to say ‘thank you’ for the way I felt.  I understood  my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers were offering a teaching.

I immediately went into gratitude by saying,  ‘Thank you, Divine, that I feel sad.  I realize it is really a blessing’.

Immediately, my sadness lifted.  I felt fine. I was so thankful that I did not go into negative thinking which often leads to complaining.  Complaining can create negative karma very quickly.

Gratitude can carry us through so much difficulty.  When we are truly in gratitude we are showing great respect to the Divine.  We are showing that we trust the Divine and that we know the Divine truly loves us.

Deeply realize how blessed we are!

Be grateful from the bottom of your heart.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

What is Love Peace and Harmony?

What is Love?
Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

What is Peace?
Peace is forgiveness...which  brings inner peace and joy.

What is Harmony?
Harmony is the vital key to success.

Why do we want to chant Love Peace and Harmony?

Understand deeply in your heart what love is, what peace is, what harmony is and we will deeply understand whey we need to chant Love Peace and Harmony.

Chant Love Peace and Harmony everyday...
Chant Love Peace and Harmony from your heart.

I love my heart and soul,
I love all humanity.
Join hearts and souls together
Love Peace and Harmony.
Love Peace and Harmony.

We are all truly loved and blessed.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

All the Lonely People

I have become increasingly aware of all the lonely people.
I have not realized before how lonely people are in their hearts.

I can feel their loneliness in my heart.  Even those with partners and families are lonely.

I realize better this is because we are not aligned with the Divine's Heart.
We are separated and out of alignment with the Divine, with each other.

Let us ask the Divine to help us align with Divine's Heart.  Let us ask the Divine to help us clear our blockages that keep us from aligning with the Divine's Heart.

Let us ask for alignment with Divine's Heart every day.  Not just once or twice.  But everyday.

Let us be more aware of what is in our hearts.
We can ask the Divine to fill our hearts with love, forgiveness, compassion and light.

And let us be very grateful for the opportunity to align deeper with the Divine's Heart.

We are all very blessed.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

True Creation is from the heart.

Today I deeply realized the inability to create what we want in our lives is due to the impurities in the heart.
It is vital to purify the heart first.  When this happens we have the pure motive for creation.  There is no selfishness.

When we create
from a pure heart, whatever we do in our life is service.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

"I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition." --Jean-Francois Cope

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Master Sha teaches us that a humans being life is like the oil in a lamp.
When the oil is exhausted, life ends.
Wish to have good health and longevity must add oil to the lamp.

We can add oil to our oil lamps through chanting Tian Yi Zhen Shui (tian yee jun shway) Heaven's Oneness sacred liquid. And Jin Jin Yu Ye (jeen jeen yu yuh) Gold liquid, jade liquid Mother Earth's sacred liquid.
What really depletes our oil is all kinds of pollution,  such as greed, anger and selfishness.

I felt the depletion of oil the other day.  I was having selfish thoughts and I realized this because I could feel the flame of my oil lamp increase.  Because of my selfish thought, my oil was burning faster.  I actually felt aged in a matter of seconds.

This experience was so profound.  I immediately apologized for this thought, and I felt better.  The oil lamp flame decreased in size.

Be aware of thoughts, words and actions.  The wrong thought, word and action actually ages us.  I felt this so profoundly.

I am very grateful for this lesson.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Love Melts all Blockages

This past April,  Master Sha blessed my father with a Da Ai (Greatest Love) blessing.

I am certain it saved my father's life.

My father collapsed at a cousin's wedding about the middle of April.  He was rushed to the hospital.  The doctors could not find a cause for the sudden collapse.  They thought his blood pressure might have shot up suddenly and he fainted.

My father is 93 years old and has a 85% hearing loss.   He is a WWII vet who flew large airplanes. His hearing loss is mainly due to the loud roar of the airplane's engine.  He was raised on a farm in Iowa and operated loud farming machinery.  Back in the  20's and 30's the loud noise of engines was not seen as a threat to one's hearing.

My father needs a special hearing aid. His hearing loss is due to nerve damage.  This type of hearing loss is very difficult to correct with ordinary hearing aids.  The hearing aid my father needs is quite expensive.

For the past 3 years, my father has had teeth that needed to be pulled.  He refused to see a dentist.  No matter how hard my brothers, sister and I tried to convince him he needed to have the teeth extracted, he still refused.

Shortly after he collapsed at the wedding,  Master Sha blessed my father with a special Da Ai treasure.

A week later, my niece was able to convince my father to have his bad teeth pulled.  The dentist who pulled his teeth said that within a week these teeth would have become septic.  This means the infection from them would have greatly increased in the bloodstream.  This is a very dangerous situation.  People have died from infection in their bloodstream going to the brain.

Not only was my father's physical life saved by having these teeth pulled just in time, his quality of life improved.

My older brother who lives in California has a life long friend who wanted to take care of an elderly person.  This friend left her home in California and came to North Caroling as a live in
care giver to my father.  She is a great cook and makes sure he eats properly.  This is such a huge blessing.  My siblings and I  have tried for years to try to find a care giver of this quality.

After trying for years to receive help from the Veteran's Administration for his hearing,  my father is now in line to receive  a state of the art hearing aid.  He also was given a VA doctor and dentist so he can continue to receive medical attention as needed.

I am so happy for the blessing Master Sha sent.  It healed a situation on many different levels.

Da Ai is the greatest Love.  Master Sha is the Greatest Love.

Dear Master Sha,  I cannot thank you enough for saving my father's life. I only hope I can serve someday on such a powerful level.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yesterday, I went with my nephew, Carl to pick up his son, Parker, from school.

While we were waiting for Parker, Carl told me his knee was really painful and swollen.  He showed me his knee which was quite swollen and bruised.  He did not know why his knee was in this condition.
I told him I would give him a healing blessing with Divine Healing Hands.
Carl was very opened to this suggestion.  He appeared to be most grateful.

Standing in the schoolyard, waiting for Parker, I gave Carl a Divine Healing Hands blessing for his knee.  Within minutes, Carl stated his knee was much better.  The swelling had decreased.  He was relieved and quite impressed.

Carl understands I do healing work but is not real sure about all the details.

Unknown to Carl, I  have given him and his two sons several treasures from Master Sha.
There is no doubt, these treasures have helped clear blockages from Carl's heart.
Carl's two sons, Parker and Kinston, received several treasures for intelligence.

On the ride back to Carl's house, I  explained about Divine Healing Hands and how they are God's Hands that are here to serve us.  Parker recalled seeing the Divine Healing Hands book.

I told Parker I would give him a Divine Healing Hands book I had with me.

Parker is in the second grade and still learning to read.  When he first got into the car, he seemed tired and somewhat stressed.  When I gave him the Divine Healing Hands book his entire demeanor changed.  His face brightened as he opened the book.  I told Parker to sleep with the Divine Healing Hands book.  He told me later that he did sleep with the book and will continue to do so.

I am so honored  to share Divine Healing Hands with my nephew and great nephew.  I am very grateful that they responded in such a positive way.

Divine Healing Hands are truly a remarkable treasure on Mother Earth.  We can help so many souls  using Divine Healing Hands.
We can help our family, friends, neighbors, communities, animals, the environment and so much more.

I cannot thank Master Sha and the Divine enough for bringing Divine Healing Hands to us.

We are blessed beyond our comprehension.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I heard a very startlingly statistic today.    In Canada, 69% of high school students suffer from depression.
The suicidal rate for high school students is 36%.

This is truly alarming.

Why is depression so rampant?  Why are our teenagers taking their lives at such an alarming rate?

Go into your heart and ask the Divine.  Why is the depression so severe?
What can I do to help?

When you ask the Divine, send your greatest love, your Da Ai, to the Divine.
Be very grateful for the answer.

When I ask the Divine this question I receive it is because our hearts are closed.  As Master Sha directed us in the Immortal Tao classic, Xing Qiao Bu Kai that means the tunnel of the heart is not opened.

Because of the pollution of our karma, our heart channel is blocked.
We need to open our heart channel as quickly as possible.

If the channel to our heart is opened, we radiate more love and compassion.  We have more time for each other.  We can help those who are suffering from depression.  We can help ourselves through serving others.

Please open your heart by chanting Da Ai, Greatest Love.
Please open your heart by doing a forgiveness practice as often as possible.

We can no longer delay.

The statistics quoted above will not improve unless we help.

Master Sha has empowered each of us through all the teachings, healings, and blessings.

The Divine and Heaven are waiting for us to open our hearts.

Let us understand at a very deep level how important it is for us to open our hearts and purify our hearts.

We are all very loved and very blessed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The other day, I sent a blessing to my brother and a couple of other family members, from the Love Peace Harmony Golden Light Ball.

The blessing was incredible.  I saw each heart open and saw a beautiful golden light shining in everyone's heart chakra.
They were given many virtue flowers for their life.

This incredible Love Peace Harmony Light Ball is within every one of us.  The Divine has given this beautiful treasure to all souls.  All souls.  In other words, to everyone and everything.

Please use this powerful treasure to bless your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors, your community.  A blessing for your own life.

Your life will transform.

You can ask the Love Peace Harmony Light Ball to bless your physical health, emotions, mental health, relationships and finances.

All we have to do is ask.

Sit up straight, back free and clear, feet flat on the ground.
Place both hands over the lower abdomen.

Dear Love Peace Harmony Light Ball,

I love you, honor you and greatly appreciate you.
Please bless (state your request).

I am very, very grateful.

Visualize the LPH Light Ball radiating out to the area of your request.

Then chant:

 Love Peace Harmony Golden Light Ball blesses my request.  Thank you.
 Love Peace Harmony Golden Light Ball blesses my request.  Thank you.
 Love Peace Harmony Golden Light Ball blesses my request.  Thank you.
 Love Peace Harmony Golden Light Ball blesses my request.  Thank you.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Bao Yuan Shou Yi - Oneness practice

This morning was difficult for me.
There have been quite a few negative thoughts and negative emotions attached to these thoughts.

It is hard for me to determine why some mornings are very good....and the next morning can be a solid struggle.
 I feel I have to get through one minute at a time. Staying in the moment and dealing with that moment.

At these times, I feel it difficult to chant.  But this is exactly what I need to do.  It can be a real challenge  to chant.  Sometimes I have to force myself.  Chanting never fails to help. Never.

The chant I have been chanting during this time is Buo Yuan Shou Yi.  Buo Yuan Shou Yi is oneness chanting.  It connects us instantly with the heart of the Divine, the Source.  It brings in the beautiful Divine and Source light.  This light melts the blockages that keep us from being one with the Divine, one with the Source.

Blockages are transformed and I feel I can move on with my day in a much lighter frame of mind.
If the negative thoughts return, I start chanting again.  I chant Buo Yuan Shou Yi the Source.  I ask for forgiveness for the negative thoughts and emotions.  I let go of the negative thoughts and replace them with the chant.

I feel strength coming into my soul, heart,mind and body.   I know deep in my heart, things will be ok. My faith and confidence returns.

Please chant Buo Yuan Shou Yi the Source as often as possible.
Prepare to be transformed.
We are all blessed.

Monday, August 10, 2015

She's Golden Healing Ball

I am noticing more and more how people are suffering.
I can see it in their eyes, observe it in their body language.

We are so blessed to have all the treasures, including books, from Master Sha.

We can pick up any of his books and instantly serve.  We can serve to lessen the suffering of our family members, our friends, our pets, schools, communities.  Ourselves.

For example. Master Sha wrote a book named Sha's Golden Healing Ball.  What an absolute treasure this little book is.
The Divine has given humanity a beautiful Golden Light Ball named after Master Sha because Master Sha is the true unconditional servant.
We simple call on Sha's Golden Healing Ball to come and bless our request.

I have used Sha's Golden Healing Ball for those I do not know, who I may see in a public place who are suffering.

I simply say:
Dear beloved Sha's Golden Healing Ball,
I love you.  
You serve so unconditionally

Would you give this person/animal/situation a healing/blessing that is the most appropriate for them at this time?

I am so grateful.

Then I chant for 10 minutes or longer...Sha's Golden Healing Ball...Sha's Golden Healing Ball...

I realize in my heart and soul that the one receiving the blessing has had their suffering reduced.

What a gift.  What an opportunity.
We are all so very blessed.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Let us all chant  Love Peace and Harmony to create  Love Peace and Harmony within our heart and to create a Love Peace Harmony World Family.

Let us chant as much as possible.
Let us chant from our heart and soul.
Let us chant while we have the opportunity.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tian Di Ren He Yi

Tian Di Ren he yi is to join Heaven, Mother Earth and human being as one.  This is an ancient spiritual teaching.  Tian or Heaven is the big universe. Di or Mother Earth is the big universe. Ren or human being is the small universe. He yi is join as one.  What happens in the big universe is what happens in a small universe.  What exists in a small universe is what exists in the big universe.

Let us chant as often as possible, Tian Di Ren He Yi, so we are one with Heaven, Mother Earth and with each other.
Heaven blesses us.  Heaven blesses our lives, our health, our soul's journey...

Chant: Tian Di Ren He Yi (tyen  de ren huh yee) for 10 minutes.

Visualize a beautiful light ball in your lower abdomen.  This light ball is Heaven, Mother Earth and human being together as one.

Chant with your heart and soul.
Receive the blessings.
Open your heart further.  
Feel the gratitude deep in your heart.

You are very loved.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let us grow the true love that is within everyone and everything.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Tao

Before heaven and earth came into existence, there was only the One which never changes.  It exists in sacred silence, and it is unaffected by actions.  It holds all things in its loving embmbrace, but asks nothing for Itself. What do I call this nameless One?
I call it Tao.   

 The Tao Te Ching 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Healing the Lower Abdomen through Xun Feng

Ba Gua Practice for the Lower Abdomen: Xun Feng

The following practice is from the Soul Mind Body Science book by Master Sha and Master Rulin.

Please allow Xun Feng to serve your lower abdomen and 2nd Soul House,
Xun Feng is wind.

Xun Feng can also help you heal and rejuvenate any aspect of your life.
Xun Feng comes in and helps clear the jing chi shen (matter, energy, heart and soul) blockages.

Xun Feng can help remove the jing chi shen blockages and help to align with the Tao's jing chi shen.

Let us do the following practice.
Practice as often as possible.
Heal your lower abdomen and other areas in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

We are so blessed that Master Sha has brought us this powerful practice so we may all be healthier and happier.

Body Power. Sit up straight. Put both palms on your lower abdomen, below the navel.

Soul Power. Say hello to inner souls:
Dear soul mind body of my second Soul House, my second energy chakra,
Dear soul mind body of my small intestine, large intestine.
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you. You can heal yourself.
You can rejuvenate yourself.
Do a good job!

Thank you.
page191image14160 page191image14328 page191image14488 page191image14648 page191image14808 page191image14968 page191image15128 page191image15288 page191image15448

Say hello to outer souls:page192image496
page192image656 page192image816 page192image976 page192image1136 page192image1296 page192image1456 page192image1616
Dear Xun Feng (wind) of Ren Di Tian Tao,
I love you.
You have the power to remove all soul mind body blockages from my

second Soul House or second energy chakra, small intestine, large
intestine. Please bless me.
I am very grateful.
Thank you.

Mind Power. 

Put your mind on the second Soul House (in your abdomen between the genitals and navel). Visualize golden light.

Sound Power.

Chant the Tao Ba Gua mantra:
Ren Di Tian Tao Xun Feng He Yi (pronounced wren dee tyen dow shwin fung huh yee)
Ren Di Tian Tao Xun Feng He Yi
Ren Di Tian Tao Xun Feng He Yi 

Chant for at least 10 minutes.  Longer if possible.  
Prepare to receive the great benefits.

We are all loved and blessed.