Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Purification Process and Forgiveness

I had a very deep AH HA moment the other day.  I understand better  the honor and gift of the purification process.
The purification process is not an easy process.  It is a simple process.  The simplicity comes from allowing the process to happen.  The difficult part is trusting and letting go so the process can happen.

Often the purification process is very painful.  The pain may be felt in the physical body.  It may be felt in the mental body.  It may be felt in the emotional body.  It may be felt in the physical, mental, and the emotional body at the same time.

Sometimes it feels the pain has no ending.  It may feel as if we have been deserted.  If may feel that we are all alone - without any support.
I understand better the pain is part of the creative process.  The creative process is transforming our blockages and creating new consciousness.  The new consciousness helps us realize we are very loved. We are not alone.  We are supported.  We will pass through the pain.  We will be able to carry more Divine Light.

When I am in the deep purification process, when I feel so much emotional pain, I now understand to go into forgiveness.
I deeply believe in karma.  If I am in pain, then I caused others pain.  I ask for forgiveness.  I understand how I made others suffer.  I understand their suffering, because I am suffering.  When I sincerely ask for forgiveness,  I am helping create the transformation within myself.  My suffering eases.

Allow me to share my forgiveness practice:

I sit up straight, with my back free and clear.  I place my hands in the Soul Light Era Prayer position (left hand horizontal over the chest area, the right hand in traditional prayer position).

I visual a beautiful bright light ball in my lower abdomen.  The light ball radiates this beautiful light throughout my entire being.  Sometimes I will see souls who are coming to participate in the forgiveness practice.

I ask for forgiveness, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart.
Dear all the souls I have hurt or harmed in any lifetime,
I love you.
Please forgive me for the great pain I have caused you.  I am suffering because I caused you pain and suffering.
I am very, very sorry.
Please forgive my ancestors for the pain they have caused you and your ancestors.
And I forgive you for any pain you may have caused me or my ancestors in all lifetimes.

Then I chant:
I forgive you,
Please forgive me.
Bring love peace and harmony.
Bring love peace and harmony.

I do this as often as possible. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to transform, to be an active participate in my transformative process.

I feel the transformation.  I feel the creative process.  My pain eases.

I am very, very grateful.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chanting Love Peace Harmony in the Light Center

A couple of days ago, I traveled to Black Mtn., North Carolina to lead a Love Peace Harmony chanting session. I go to a beautiful venue there named The Light Center (
The chanting session was amazing.  There were very special people that came who were new to Master Sha and the mission.  But their souls called them to come and chant.
Everyone was very grateful that they followed their soul's calling.

Everyone recognized the importance of creating  a Love Peace Harmony World Family and a Love Peace Harmony Universal Family.
They understood the power and significance of chanting love peace and harmony.  By chanting love peace and harmony you become love peace and harmony.
They deeply understand that each soul must become love peace and harmony.  Everyone understood the service offered to themselves and to others by chanting love peace and harmony.
I was amazed, honored and very happy.

The participates were very touched when we said Hello (Soul Power) to all our inner souls and to the Divine, the Source, Heaven, Mother Earth, Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, souls of humanity, all souls in Mother Earth and in countless stars, planets, galaxies and universes.  I explained that every soul was given a beautiful Love Peace Harmony soul.  This made everyone very happy.

Each asked for a blessing. And then we chanted.
We chanted for one half hour. Very connected to each other and to all souls. We were love peace and harmony.  We were creating love peace and harmony.

Ater chanting, there were beautiful souls in the soul world who I experienced in my Third Eye and Direct Soul Communication Channel that came and thanked us very sincerely for our service.  These ancient souls were so touched and greatly appreciated our chanting.  I was moved to tears to receive this message.
I understand how love peace and harmony creates a Love Peace Harmony World Family.

Now I understand even better.  Countless bow downs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chanting Tian Ren He Yi for Balance, Rejuvenation and Healing

The Yin Yang theory helps me to understand my life.

The Yin Yang theory is ancient philosophy which summarizes everything in nature.

Yang represents the fire nature.  Fire is heat, it flows upward and is very active.
Yin represents the water nature.  Water is generally cold and calm and flows downward.

The Yin Yang nature is also explained in the Big Universe and Small Universe.

The big universe is Heaven, Mother Earth, countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes.  The small universe is human beings including the internal organs, organ systems, spaces in the body. What happens in the big universe also happens in the small universe.  What happens in the small universe also happens in the big universe.

In ancient wisdom, there is a saying, Tian Ren He Yi.

Tian (Heaven) Ren (human being) represents the big universe (Heaven) and the small universe (human being).
Tian Ren He Yi means Heaven human being join as one.  So the ancient wisdom is the big universe and the small universe join together as one.

So..what happens in the big universe happens in the small universe.  What happens in the small universe happens in the big universe.
If there is pollution in the small universe there is pollution in the big universe.
If there are disasters in the big universe there are disasters in the small universe.

If Tian and Ren (Heaven and human being) are not joined together as one - there is sickness (pollution) and disaster (chaos).

Challenges  in human life is because the human is unbalanced.  Challenges in my life happen because I am out of balance.

There is a beautiful practice Master Sha has taught us to help us realign with Heaven and come back into more balance.

This practice brings together the big universe and the small universe.

Place one hand over the lower abdomen and one hand in the area you need healing or balance.

Say hello:  Dear Sacred Phrase Tian Ren He Yi,
                   I love you.
                   Can you bless my _____________________(name condition that needs balancing/healing).
                   Please do a soul healing for me.

Then chant:  Tian Ren He Yi
                     Tian Ren He Yi
                     Tian Ren He Yi
                     Tian Ren He Yi
                     Tian Ren He Yi

Put your mind in the area that needs balancing/healing.  Chant for at least 10 minutes. Chant and practice as often as possible.  When we come more into balance, we are helping others come more into balance.

I chant Tian Ren He Yi as often as possible.  It helps me feel peaceful and calm.  I am very happy Master Sha has shared this sacred teaching and phrase with us.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel Practice using Da Ai

I realize deeper how important it is to purify and develop the Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel.
We all have Spiritual Channels.
The Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel (DDSCC) offers a direct pipeline so to speak, to communicate directly with the Divine with Saints and our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers in Heaven and on Mother Earth.

I notice the more I purify my Spiritual Channels through practice and chanting the clearer the communication becomes.

I am very grateful for this powerful channel.  It has greatly increased my trust and confidence in the love the Divine sends and in my own ability to communicate with the Soul World.

I use the DDSCC daily.  I ask for guidance and confirmation regarding decisions.  I feel the love and compassion from the Divine coming through the flows.  I feel the connection in my heart.  My heart opens more.  My DDSCC becomes more pure.

Use this simple practice.
Ask with love the Ling Guang Calligraphy of Da Ai (Greatest Love) to purify and open your DDSCC or open it further.

Dear Da AI Calligraphy,
I love you, honor you, and greatly appreciate you.
Please open and purify my DDSCC so I may become a better servant for all souls.
I am grateful beyond words.

Sit up straight.  Place one hand over your heart and the other hand on your lower abdomen.

Put your mind in the lower abdomen and visualize the beautiful bright light of Da Ai radiating in your abdomen and throughout your entire body.


Da Ai
Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
Da Ai

Chant for 10 minutes.  Stayed connected to your heart and Message Center.  Be grateful for the blessing you are receiving.
After chanting for 10 minutes, practice soul communication. Ask for a message from the Divine, your Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Mothers.  Ask for a message from your own soul

The message will come.  Your spiritual journey will increase.  Your life will transform.  Your are blessed and very loved.