Friday, March 28, 2014

Healing through Transformation of Jing Qi Shen

The Divine's desire for us is to be healthy, happy and whole.
If we are suffering, we are not whole.  Parts of us are separated from the Divine.

In the Soul Healing Miracles book, the Divine, through Master Sha, has given us Ling Guang Calligraphy's to transform our jing qi shen in order to heal.  Jing is matter, qi is energy, shen is soul.

Everyone and everything is made up of jing qi shen.  When we mediate with the Ling Guang (Soul Light) Calligraphy's, our jing qi shen is transformed.

How does this happen?

The Ling Guang Calligraphy's carry the Source level of jing qi shen.  The Source level of jing qi shen can transform our human level of jing qi shen.  The Source level of jing qi shen is the highest level of  frequency.
As Master Sha states, 'Everyone and everything in Heaven, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes is vibration, which is the field of jing qi shen'.

'The Source Field carries the jing qi shen of The Source that can remove soul mind body blockages of sickness and transform the jing qi shen of a human being's spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies from head to toe, skin to bone, to restore them to health'.

We are then on the journey back to wholeness.  We are on the journey back to the Oneness.  The Divine's desire for us is fulfilled.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Da Guang Ming to further your Spiritual Journey

I am so grateful I followed my soul when she lead me to Master Sha.
I would not be where I am today if I had not paid attention.
I would still be caught up in the karmic world. I would still be looking for my soul's journey without realizing that I was looking for my soul's journey.

We have so much in today's world that can distract us from our soul and our spiritual journey.
There are so many souls who are searching.  And mostly they do not know what they are searching for.

In August 2003 we entered into the Soul Light Era.  This means the soul will be the boss.  This is great news.  It means more people have the opportunity to rediscover their soul.  To return to the journey of the soul. To find true meaning in their lives.

Let us use the Ling Guang Calligraphy of Guang Ming to help us deepen our spiritual journey.  To help us connect deeper with Divine's heart.

You can use the Soul Healing Miracles book.  Mediate with the Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Guang Ming to help you to continue on your Spiritual Journey.  Allow Da Guang Ming to serve you by simply sending love to Da Guang Ming and asking Da Guang Ming to help you stay connected to your soul and to your Spiritual Journey.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Open Spiritual Channels through Da Ai Calligraphy

To open your Spiritual Channels is to increase the relationship between the Divine and you.

Everyone has Spiritual Channels.  There are four Spiritual Channels. All connect to the Message Center or Heart Chakra.
The Spiritual Channels include the Direct Knowing Channel, the Third Eye Channel,  Direct Soul Communication Channel and the Soul Song Channel.  All are very powerful.  All need to be purified to increase our communication with the Divine to have the most pure communication.

In the Soul Healing Miracles book, there are nine very powerful Calligraphy's.  These Calligraphy's are from the Source.  This means they carry a very high level of Source frequency.  These Calligraphy's carry very special Heaven Saints and Heaven Saints Animals as well as treasure that come and bless us.

The Calligraphy, Da Ai, which means Greatest Love, can remove blockages in our Spiritual Channels.
Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

Use the 4 Powers. Soul Power.  Mind Power. Sound Power. Body Power. (Instruction and definition of the 4 powers is located at the bottom of this Blog page).

Soul Power is to connect with the Da Ai Calligraphy.
Dear Da Ai Calligraphy,
I love you.
Please purify my Spiritual Channels so I may be pure servant of Divine and all souls.
Please open my channels so I may receive pure messages from the Divine and my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.
I am very grateful.

Then chant: Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai, Da Ai…Greatest Love….Greatest Love purifies my Spiritual Channels.

Visualize beautiful light radiating throughout your entire body, purifying and removing blockages.

Be grateful from the bottom of your heart.

Master Sha is offering a Open Spiritual Channels workshop in Fort Myers, CO. March 21 - 23, 2014.
Please join.  Master Sha does not offer workshops for opening Spiritual Channels very ofter.
Grab this opportunity while it is here.
Go to to register.

Practice, practice, practice to open and purify your Spiritual Channels.  We are so very blessed to have this opportunity before us.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Heart and Soul Wisdom

Heart intelligence helps us to truly love. It helps us to make decisions that will serve and benefit our soul's journey.
Heart intelligence helps us to better serve others and as a result we could clear karma.

Be sure to join Master Sha this week in San Francisco.  He is offering powerful workshops on our Soul's Wisdom.  Heart intelligence and soul intelligence is an integral part of soul wisdom.

Join Master Sha.  Listen carefully to his teachings.  Grab the teachings and live the teachings.  This way we honor Master Sha and further increase our heart and soul intelligence.  We expand our soul's wisdom. And we open our heart to the Divine.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Capacity to Love

We as human beings have a great capacity for love.  For giving love and for receiving love.
The Divine has made us special in that way.
When we open our hearts to the Divine, we open our hearts to love.  We open our hearts to increase our capacity for sending and receiving love.
Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

All life includes boosting energy, stamina, immunity, vitality.  All life includes healing sickness, preventing sickness, rejuvenating, prolonging life, increasing intelligence, opening our spiritual channels and more.

We hold the power to transform ALL LIFE.

Chant;  Love transforms my life.  Love removes blockages from my soul, heart, mind and body.  

Remember what you chant is what you become.

Chant as often as you can.  Remember the love is always there.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clearing karma to transform life

It is important to keep in mind how karma separates us from the Divine.
As Master Sha teaches us 'karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life'.

You could receive great benefits from reading Master Sha's book Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System:  The Divine Way to Heal You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes.

In this  book, Master Sha explains all kinds of soul mind body blockages in detail.  He explains how soul blockages are all kinds of negative karma. Mind blockages include negative mind-sets, negative beliefs, negative attitudes, ego, attachments and more.  Body blockages are energy blockages and matter blockages.

In this book, Master Sha offers forty six permanent divine treasures to help self-clear soul mind body blockages.  These are priceless treasures that you can receive simply by reading the book, and then create your own soul healing miracles.

We are so blessed to have here on Mother Earth Master Sha's profound teachings to help us in every way possible.  All we need to do is to make the effort to read the books and devote time to the practices.  When we do this, we are so happy.  We can discover many aspects of ourselves that could help us to transform further.  The answer is right in front of us.

Let us connect to the Divine on a deeper and more profound level. Let us take the opportunity to transform all of life.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Relationship Karma Clearing with the Divine

When we are separated from the Divine, we can feel sad.  We can feel depressed.  We can easily lose our soul's journey.  We can easily get lost.

Connecting with the Divine is everything.  I notice in today's society, most people are seekers.  They seek money, power, relationships.  They seem to be continuously searching.  Often when people obtain the relationship they desire, the job, the power, the wealth, they are still unhappy.  Why?  They are missing the relationship with the Divine.  When we truly connect with our heart and soul, we can realize what we seek is the relationship with the Divine.  The heart and soul connection with the Divine.

How did we lose the strong relationship connection with the Divine?

The answer is simple.  It is our karma.  The karma we have accumulated in our relationship with the Divine.   The Divine does not separate from us.  We separate from the Divine through our negative thoughts and actions. Through negative mindsets, negative attachments, negative beliefs and attitudes. And through ego.  We gather relationship karma with the Divine through being angry and upset with Divine.  We gather karma by not being grateful to the Divine.  We gather karma in our relationship to the Divine because we complain. We gather karma because our relationship with the Divine is not our priority.

Jesus told us, 'Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you'.
Seek the Divine first, everything else is secondary.

It would take thousands of lifetimes of offering unconditional service to clear karma in our relationship with the Divine

Master Sha is offering karma cleansing for the relationship between you and the Divine.  This opportunity will not be offered past March 22nd.  The honoring is $250.  You honor by purchasing Soul Healing Miracles books.

I hope you understand the rare opportunity we have.  Know how much your life would improve when your relationship with Divine is karma free.  It is an opportunity no one can afford to miss.

Imagine how your life would be. And be very grateful.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Gratitude Changes My LIfe

Master Marilyn, in her book Gratitude A Key to Happiness, gives a beautiful chant.
It is 'Gratitude changes my life'.

Gratitude has changed my life.  It continues to change my life.
My heart is more open.  I am more compassionate toward others, toward myself.

This simple mantra, chanted sincerely from the heart, can change your life.
Try it.
Chant from your heart throughout your day.
When you are tempted to complain or to be negative, chant 'Gratitude changes my life.'

Prepare to experience the warmth of Divine's Heart.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The more I connect with Divine's heart, the greater the realization that we are all connected.
You may say,  'Oh, I know this'.  To know this connection in the mind is great.  But to really feel this connection is priceless.

How do we feel this connection deeper?  How do we really FEEL we are connected heart to heart and soul to soul.

We do this by serving.  We can serve by chanting.  We can chant Love Peace and Harmony.
Chant Love Peace and Harmony everyday. Chant from the heart.  Call the souls of all your organs, systems, cells, every component of your physical body to chant.
Call in your emotional body to chant.  Call in your mental body to chant.

Call in the souls of your family members and loved ones to chant with you.
Call in your  community including animals and nature to chant.

Call in your state or provence to chant.  Call in your county to chant.  Call in Mother Earth to chant.

Chant from the heart.  Allow your soul to take charge and to chant Love Peace and Harmony.

I love my heart and soul.
I love all humanity.
Join hearts and souls together.
Love Peace and Harmony.
Love Peach and Harmony.