Thursday, September 3, 2015

I heard a very startlingly statistic today.    In Canada, 69% of high school students suffer from depression.
The suicidal rate for high school students is 36%.

This is truly alarming.

Why is depression so rampant?  Why are our teenagers taking their lives at such an alarming rate?

Go into your heart and ask the Divine.  Why is the depression so severe?
What can I do to help?

When you ask the Divine, send your greatest love, your Da Ai, to the Divine.
Be very grateful for the answer.

When I ask the Divine this question I receive it is because our hearts are closed.  As Master Sha directed us in the Immortal Tao classic, Xing Qiao Bu Kai that means the tunnel of the heart is not opened.

Because of the pollution of our karma, our heart channel is blocked.
We need to open our heart channel as quickly as possible.

If the channel to our heart is opened, we radiate more love and compassion.  We have more time for each other.  We can help those who are suffering from depression.  We can help ourselves through serving others.

Please open your heart by chanting Da Ai, Greatest Love.
Please open your heart by doing a forgiveness practice as often as possible.

We can no longer delay.

The statistics quoted above will not improve unless we help.

Master Sha has empowered each of us through all the teachings, healings, and blessings.

The Divine and Heaven are waiting for us to open our hearts.

Let us understand at a very deep level how important it is for us to open our hearts and purify our hearts.

We are all very loved and very blessed.

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