Monday, October 21, 2013

Visualize the Divine Heart and your heart melding as one.  Visualize the Divine Heart and your heart within your body, beating as one.
Sincerely offer your heart in service to the Divine.  Close your eyes.  Connect with the Divine's Heart.  Ask to connect deeper.  Ask with sincerity and gratitude. Trust the Divine is with you, supporting you, answering your request.  See the Divine Heart beating as one with all souls.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Continue to open your heart through unconditional love.  Unconditional love expects nothing in return. Unconditional love means loving all souls no matter what. We open our hearts to all souls, no matter what.  We offer love and forgiveness.  Connect deeper with your heart by being sincere and honest. Connect deeper through integrity.  Connect deeper by purifying.  We are given such a powerful experience when we desire the heart to heart connection with the Divine Heart.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In connecting your heart with the Divine Heart, it is important to have the most pure intentions.  To desire to connect is the desire to serve.  Service is the purpose of life.  When we approach the Divine, with the pure intention of service, we open ourselves to the Divine.  When we are not in service, when we have selfish intentions, this attitude separates us from the Divine Presence.   We separate ourselves from the Divine.

To have the sincere desire to connect with the Divine,  helps lift us out of our selfish attitude into the selflessness of a pure motivation.  By being in selfless service to others, we best serve ourselves on the purest and most important level.

To meld with Divine love, is to open our heart to the Divine.  To be sincerely grateful for everything in our lives.   To be truly sorry for harm we have caused others.  To sincerely forgive others for the harm they caused us.  To offer ourselves for service. This is the path for connecting heart to heart with the Divine Presence. This is the path for experiencing the most powerful Soul Healing Miracles.
Often I have felt I need to make more of a heart to heart connection with those around me. 
I feel this step is important in order to truly connect with Divine's Heart.

However, it is sometimes difficult to talk with loved ones and family members face to face regarding a concern.  This is where the miracle of Soul Conferencing comes in.

I call in the soul of the one I would like to speak too.  I do this by simply asking. 
'Dear soul of Henry, I love you. We have an issue together.  I would really like to straighten this out.
Would you please come and sit in front of my abdomen so we may talk together? I am very grateful'.

The soul has free will.  Most of the time, the soul will come.  The soul wants to work issues out.  The soul wants love peace and harmony.

I talk to the soul of Henry in a very loving way.  I tell his soul what I would like him to know about how I feel, what I would like to see happen.  I send Henry's soul love and light.  I allow Henry's soul to speak also.  I respect what he says. 

After soul conferencing, things could be different.  Or it may take some time.  It feels good to tell my feelings and express what I need as well as understand what Henry needs.

Soul conferencing is soul healing.  Everything changes on the level of the soul first.  Then changes take place in the mind and in the body.

Soul conferencing could bring about a Soul Healing Miracle.  Soul conferencing helps to connect heart to heart with each other and with the Divine.