Monday, August 25, 2014

Healing and Rejuvenation Using Soul Movement

Often we think about healing or meditating while sitting down.  Most of the time this is what people do.

And this is wonderful.

However, Soul Movement can heal also.

I often have low back pain and discomfort.  My spinal column can be stiff. I can feel anxious, depressed, angry or fearful.  I may have reoccurring thoughts that are not helpful. I may not feel very clear about the direction of my spiritual journey.

Soul Movement is when we ask our body soul to guide our arms, legs and body in soul movement. We can ask all the inner souls to join.  The souls of our cells, organs, organ systems to join in the Soul Movement in addition to our beloved body soul. We can ask our emotions and thoughts to join in the Soul Movement.

We can ask outer souls as well.  The outer souls are Saints, our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers in Heaven and on Mother Earth.  We can ask Heaven's animals, nature souls to do Soul Movement with us. The soul of the sun, the moon, planets, stars, galaxies and universes. We can ask the soul of the mountains to join us in Soul Movement.

Soul Movement is when the soul is in charge of the body movement.  Our mind is not engaged.

I can play one of Master Sha's beautiful CD's as I do Soul Movement.

Soul Movement can be done for healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Here is a very simple formula to follow:

Say Hello:

Dear soul mind and body of my body soul, systems souls, organ souls cell souls, cell unit souls,
I love you and greatly appreciate you.

Dear souls of my spiritual father and mothers on Mother Earth and in Heaven,
Dear souls of all nature,
Dear animal souls,
Dear the soul of the sun, moon, stars, planets, galaxies and universes,
Dear Soul of the Divine,
I love you all.
I cannot honor you enough.

Please guide me to do Soul Movement to help heal my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies, balance, rejuvenate, increase my intelligence and to be a better servant to all souls, 

My gratitude is beyond words.
Thank you.

Dear the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony, 
Dear the Divine Soul Song of God Gives His Heart,
Dear all the Source Calligraphy's,

I love you and honor you  beyond words.

Could you give me a healing as appropriate for my spiritual, physical, mental, emotional bodies.
Please help me to rejuvenate, increase my intelligence, better understand unconditional service.

My gratitude is beyond words.

Then do soul movement for at least 15 minutes.

Play the CD Love Peace and Harmony or Follow Nature's Way or God's Light.
Any of the CD's will greatly enhance the frequency and healing quality of your Soul Movement.

When you finished please say Thank you Thank you Thank you, Love you Love you Love you, Gong Song Gong Song Gong Song!

Honor Heaven and all the souls that came to do Soul Movement with you.
 Practice it .
Enjoy it.
Benefit from it.

We all are very  blessed!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Healing Shock and Trauma in the Direct Soul Communication Channel

I was so honored to have been attending a Divine Direct Soul Communication workshop several weeks ago lead by Master Marilyn Smith.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of developing our soul communication channels.
We want to have the most pure and direct flow with the Divine.
The Divine along with our Heaven's Team strongly desire to communicate with us. To guide us and send us their greatest support.  The Divine and our Heaven's Team want us to succeed.  They want us to pass our spiritual testing and move forward in our spiritual growth.

Our spiritual channels can be blocked due to shock and trauma experienced in this life and in past lives.

The shock and the trauma associated with it can limit our ability to use our communication channels.  The shock and trauma may be the gate keepers, so to speak, and will only allow very limited access for communication with the Divine.  Shock and trauma can often paralyze us with fear.  This blocks our flow and we doubt ourselves and what we receive in the flows.

It blocks our ability to give Da Ai (greatest love).

The Divine generously offered karma cleanings for shock and trauma through Master Marilyn as part of the workshop.

I received this beautiful treasure.  It was amazing.  My soul felt so much lighter and freer.  I felt a heaviness leave my Message Center.

Breathing was easier.

I felt I had been released from a prison cell.

I knew deep in my heart my life had transformed.

Master Marilyn gave a reading around  the shock and trauma.  I had been imprisoned for speaking  truth  that those in authority did not want to hear.

I believe many of us have been in the same situation.  As a result we do not offer unconditional service.

We allow ourselves to be limited.

Please allow me to share a practice where you can help transform the darkness of trauma into the light of service.

Because the reason we want to open our spiritual channels or open them further is to grow and purify so we can serve better.
I did not realize how much shock and trauma was blocking my life until it was cleared.  I did not realize how much shock and trauma was a part of the darkness I could not break free from. When this karma lifted I came from the darkness of fear into the light of healing.

It is a process.  The process continues.

Please allow me to share a chanting practice to help release the shock and trauma.

It is a forgiveness practice.
I realize even though I was traumatized, there is no doubt that my ancestors and I caused others to be traumatized.

Sit up as straight as you can, back free and clear.
Place your hands in the Soul Light Era Prayer position (left hand horizontal over the Message Center and the right hand in traditional prayer position.

Connect with your heart.  Be very sincere when asking for forgiveness and offering forgiveness.

Visual the light of forgiveness radiating throughout your entire body.

Dear humanity and wan long (all souls),
I love you.
Please forgive my ancestors and me for all the shock and trauma we have caused you and your ancestors in all lifetimes.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  I know in order to be totally forgiven I must serve unconditionally.  Service is making others happier and healthier.

And I forgive you and your ancestors for any harm you have caused me or my ancestors related to shock and trauma.
I forgive you unconditionally.  You do not owe us anything.

Please forgive my ancestors and me if I have harmed you through my Direct Soul Communication Channel.
I deeply apologize.
And I forgive you and your ancestors for any harm you cause me through you Direct Soul Communication Channel.
I forgive you unconditionally.

Then chant:

I forgive you.
You forgive me.
Bring love peace and harmony
Bring love peace and harmony

Chant for at least 15 minutes.  Deeply connect with your heart.  Be very sincere in asking for forgiveness and giving forgiveness.

Trust that the shock and trauma you have experienced over lifetimes will heal.  You will become whole once more.  You will offer great service.

We will all join together as one.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trust and Gratitude transforms my life

The process of letting go and allowing the Divine to work in my life has been a difficult one.
I used to feel I had to be in control or things would not be done correctly.
I was constantly trying to 'figure out' how my life needed to be.  I was trying to control all the outcomes.

Of course, I often felt overwhelmed.  And why not?  Being in control is an overwhelming job.  For us humans anyway.

God has given us a great gift.  The gift of free will.  God will never force us to believe, think or act in a certain way.  We have the free will to choose what we think, what we believe, the action we will take.

Where we have the trouble is with the results of our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

I have learned when I let go of trying to be in control, I am in a state of trust.  I trust God loves me.
I trust God is love, forgiveness, compassion and light.  I trust this is what God wants for my life.

For a long time, I did not know how to let go and trust.  I did not know how to let go and allow God to work in my life.  And this is what I have learned.


Gratitude for no matter what happens in my life.  If it is wonderful or if it is not so wonderful.
If it is dream come true or a huge blockage.
I stay in gratitude.
Gratitude opens my heart.  Gratitude keeps me from complaining.  Gratitude keeps me in that place of trust…trust that God truly loves me.

Please allow me to share a practice I do to help develop my trust.

Sit up straight.  Close your eyes.  Place both hands over the lower abdomen. Visualize a light ball in your lower abdomen.  The light ball is radiating a beautiful light filled with love, forgiveness, compassion and light.
Connect with your heart.
Dear the soul of my heart,
I love you. Please help me to connect very deeply with you.  Help me to open my heart further.  Help me to understand deep gratitude and trust.

Dear Divine,
I love you. 
I am so grateful for every thing in my life.
I know you love me.  I know you want what is best for my soul's journey.
I trust you. I completely trust you.
My gratitude for you is beyond words.

Thank you for your great love.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for helping me to transform my life.

Than chant:
I am so grateful to the Divine.  I completely trust the Divine.  

Chant for as long as you can.  Completely focus.  Feel the love and light, forgiveness and compassion filling every part of your being.

Remain in the trust.  Remain in the gratitude.
Watch you life transform.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Transformation and the Purpose of Life

Transformation is necessary for our spiritual journey.  Without transformation it is very difficult to move forward.  Transformation is a very important gift from the Divine.  It is part of the love the Divine expresses to us.

When we go through testing we are transforming.  When we pass our testing a level of transformation is complete.  We then move to the next level where there could be greater transformation and higher level testing.  When you really understand your soul's journey, you are grateful for the testing.  

When we are in testing it is important to recognize it.  It is important to be grateful. We are being blessed in a very special way.  The Divine is telling us that we can do it.  The Divine has confidence we will pass our testing.  The Divine strengthens us.  Let us accept the gifts the Divine offers us.  Let us be truly grateful from the bottom of our heart.

Do not think I cannot do this this is too much.  Instead apologize in your heart that you are not trusting enough.  You are not trusting in the Divine enough.  You are not trusting yourself enough.

Do not compare yourself to others.  Everyone goes through transformation.  Everyone struggles.  We are all challenged at our own particular level.  We will continue to be tested until we pass the testing.

When we pass, we are transformed.  We move further on our soul's journey.   When we truly understand we recognize what a great honor and privilege the testing is.  How wonderful the transformation is.

Keep moving forward.  Be in sincere gratitude.  You will pass through.  You will better understand the purpose of life.