Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gratitude...the deepest respect

There is an ancient saying:
Zhong sheng wei guo, pu sa wei yin.

Zhong sheng wei guo means when normal human beings have an unpleasant result, they are afraid, worried and concerned.

Pu sa wei yin means highly enlightened masters understand karma.  They pay attention to ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, think no evil'.  They are afraid of the cause not the result because they deeply understand when they create bad karma, unpleasant results will follow.

How do you avoid creating negative karma as a human being?
First, pay close attention to what you watch, what you  listen to, what you speak.  Pay attention to what you are thinking.

Ask your Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to guide you and to remind you when you are seeing, listening to, speaking and thinking things that create negative karma.

They will help you if you allow them too.

Please allow me to share an experience I had recently. This experience greatly helped me to transform potential negative karma.

I woke one morning and was not feeling well emotionally.  I felt very sad and lonely.
This type of feeling can easily provoke complaining and thinking negative thoughts.

I heard very gently in my mind to say ‘thank you’ for the way I felt.  I understood  my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers were offering a teaching.

I immediately went into gratitude by saying,  ‘Thank you, Divine, that I feel sad.  I realize it is really a blessing’.

Immediately, my sadness lifted.  I felt fine. I was so thankful that I did not go into negative thinking which often leads to complaining.  Complaining can create negative karma very quickly.

Gratitude can carry us through so much difficulty.  When we are truly in gratitude we are showing great respect to the Divine.  We are showing that we trust the Divine and that we know the Divine truly loves us.

Deeply realize how blessed we are!

Be grateful from the bottom of your heart.

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