Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yesterday, I went with my nephew, Carl to pick up his son, Parker, from school.

While we were waiting for Parker, Carl told me his knee was really painful and swollen.  He showed me his knee which was quite swollen and bruised.  He did not know why his knee was in this condition.
I told him I would give him a healing blessing with Divine Healing Hands.
Carl was very opened to this suggestion.  He appeared to be most grateful.

Standing in the schoolyard, waiting for Parker, I gave Carl a Divine Healing Hands blessing for his knee.  Within minutes, Carl stated his knee was much better.  The swelling had decreased.  He was relieved and quite impressed.

Carl understands I do healing work but is not real sure about all the details.

Unknown to Carl, I  have given him and his two sons several treasures from Master Sha.
There is no doubt, these treasures have helped clear blockages from Carl's heart.
Carl's two sons, Parker and Kinston, received several treasures for intelligence.

On the ride back to Carl's house, I  explained about Divine Healing Hands and how they are God's Hands that are here to serve us.  Parker recalled seeing the Divine Healing Hands book.

I told Parker I would give him a Divine Healing Hands book I had with me.

Parker is in the second grade and still learning to read.  When he first got into the car, he seemed tired and somewhat stressed.  When I gave him the Divine Healing Hands book his entire demeanor changed.  His face brightened as he opened the book.  I told Parker to sleep with the Divine Healing Hands book.  He told me later that he did sleep with the book and will continue to do so.

I am so honored  to share Divine Healing Hands with my nephew and great nephew.  I am very grateful that they responded in such a positive way.

Divine Healing Hands are truly a remarkable treasure on Mother Earth.  We can help so many souls  using Divine Healing Hands.
We can help our family, friends, neighbors, communities, animals, the environment and so much more.

I cannot thank Master Sha and the Divine enough for bringing Divine Healing Hands to us.

We are blessed beyond our comprehension.

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