Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tian Di Ren He Yi

Tian Di Ren he yi is to join Heaven, Mother Earth and human being as one.  This is an ancient spiritual teaching.  Tian or Heaven is the big universe. Di or Mother Earth is the big universe. Ren or human being is the small universe. He yi is join as one.  What happens in the big universe is what happens in a small universe.  What exists in a small universe is what exists in the big universe.

Let us chant as often as possible, Tian Di Ren He Yi, so we are one with Heaven, Mother Earth and with each other.
Heaven blesses us.  Heaven blesses our lives, our health, our soul's journey...

Chant: Tian Di Ren He Yi (tyen  de ren huh yee) for 10 minutes.

Visualize a beautiful light ball in your lower abdomen.  This light ball is Heaven, Mother Earth and human being together as one.

Chant with your heart and soul.
Receive the blessings.
Open your heart further.  
Feel the gratitude deep in your heart.

You are very loved.

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