Monday, April 28, 2014

The Influence of Relationships

I had a powerful AH HA moment today.

After being on the Saturday web cast with Master Sha during the New Living Expo and receiving very powerful blessings, I realized my Spiritual Channels were more open.

I feel more connected with every soul.  I feel such love and peace.  I feel confident and happy.
Challenges are not so intimidating.

My AH HA moment brought a very powerful realization. This realization is everything in our life involves relationships.  We have relationships with everything and everyone.

Some of our relationships are smooth. They are natural and flowing.

Other relationships are rough.  The relationship does not flow well.
When a relationship is not smooth, there are blockages.

Blockages are on all levels.  The most significant blockage is on the level of the Soul.  These blockages are negative karma.
Karma is the record of services. We can have karma with another person.  We can have karma with our finances.  Negative karma blocks us in every aspect of our life.

I understand deeper how negative karma blocks us in our relationships.  Remember we have a relationship with every thing.  Even our thoughts. We have relationship with our actions.  We have a relationship with ourselves.

We have a relationship with the Divine. With our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.

One of the best ways to clear negative karma is through Forgiveness Practice.

Ask for forgiveness for your relationships.  This can be done in a general way and a specific way.

Use the 4 Power Techniques.  This technique is described below in the Forgiveness Practice tab.

The Soul Power is where you call in the souls you wish to seek forgiveness from.  You can call in the relationship soul of your finances.  The relationship soul of your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and mindsets.  Ask for forgiveness for any negative karma you carry through these relationships.

Ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart.  Be sincere and honest. Connect deeply with these relationships.

I found connecting with the relationship brought me closer to the issues that forgiveness.  I received very clear guidance on how these negative relationships were formed so I can be careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

I am so grateful for the guidance and insight.

I am so grateful to Master Sha for empowering me to have the deeper insight so I am freer to grow on my spiritual path.

I hope my AH HA moment helps you with your forgiveness practice.

I hope it helps you to connect more deeply to your own heart and to the heart of the Divine.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Romeo, Juliet and Love Peace and Harmony

I have been thinking about William Shakespeare.  And it so happens that today April 23rd is widely celebrated as his birthday.  He lived 450 years ago.  His plays remain very popular.

I have been  connecting to Romeo and Juliet.  I recently found the theme song from the 1968 film, Romeo and Juliet, on YouTube.  The theme song is  A Time for Us.

I realize that I am hearing this beautiful song with new ears.  The theme of the play, Romeo and Juliet, has taken on a deeper meaning for me.

Allow me to explain why.
Romeo and Juliet were teenagers who recognized they had a true romantic love together.  Yet they could not be together openly because they families were mortal enemies.  In the end, they took their lives.  Their love was not allowed to thrive.

I see so much significance to this theme.  Unless the world is in Love Peace and Harmony, it is difficult  for our own personal love to thrive.  There are blockages.  The love is not free to flow.

If we think only about ourselves, and our own situation, we are very limited.  We are all connected.
Everything connects to and influences everything else.

Many are looking for a true romantic love.  But we need to love ourselves first, we need to love humanity and all souls.  We need to join hearts and souls together to create love peace and harmony.

All of our relationships will thrive.  Our romantic relationship with flourish.  The relationships with our family, friends, colleagues will flourish.  Our relationship with Divine, Mother Earth, Heaven will flourish.

Please chant Love Peace and Harmony as much as possible.  Help create the Love Peace Harmony World Family and Love Peace Harmony Universal Family.

Divine Soul Song LovePeace and Harmony | Power of ...

Now is the time.  It is the time for all of us.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Heal by Chanting Ren Di Tian Tao HEART He Yi

Why do we suffer?

In Master Sha's teachings, the answer is simple.  We have separated our heart from the Divine.
We have separated because of negative karma.

During the Divine Healing Hands training, April 11- 13th,  Master Sha taught a very powerful mantra.

This mantra will help us become one again.  One with Divine, one with ourselves, one with wan ling (all souls).

The mantra is very simple and very powerful.

"Ren Di Tian  Tao HEART He Yi"  (human being Mother Earth Heaven Tao Heart join as one).

I have chanted this mantra every day since the end of the Divine Healing Hands weekend.
I feel balanced and stable.  My emotions are steady.  My thinking is clear.

I feel very happy.  I feel connected with the Divine.  I feel very connected with my own heart.  I feel connected with all souls.

I am hopeful.  I trust. I know deep in my heart that the Divine loves all souls.  The Divine is invested in us.

When we feel the huge love of the Divine,  we better understand service.  When we serve,  we are more connected with the Heart of the Divine.

Continue to chant.  Help heal your suffering by connecting deeply with the Divine.  Feel the powerful love.  Feel the ONENESS of all souls.

The more we join our hearts together, the more the Divine lives in and through us.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Frequency of Gratitude

Today is a beautiful day in North Carolina where I live.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 15.
It is a picture perfect spring day.  Cool, sunny with many new blossoms and the promise of more to come.
I love nature and feel very connected with Mother Earth.  On a day like today, it is very easy to feel this connection.  It is very easy to feel gratitude.  There is a feeling of unification and purity.

It is easy to feel this way on a beautiful day.
On a day that may be muggy and hot, it is more difficult for me to feel this connection.

What I have grown to realize, is that no matter what is presenting, I go into gratitude.
I chant " Gratitude changes my life" for as long as possible.

I instantly feel a heart to heart connection with the Divine.  I feel the transformation of negative emotions.  I feel loved. I feel accepted. I can love. I can accept.

The frequency of gratitude can change your life, instantly.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I am not the same since receiving Divine Healing Hands.
This opportunity is rare.  The Divine is giving Divine Hands to Humanity.
As a result we can bless every aspect of our lives, including our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
We can transform our relationships and finances.
We can offer Divine Healing Hands to our family, friends, and our pets.  More and more I recognize the  profound power of Divine Healing Hands. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Increase Your Service through Divine Healing Hands

Divine Healing Hands are the Divine's Hands.
Divine Healing Hands offer a high level of Divine for healing and for life transformation.

Now is the time to receive Divine Healing Hands through a Divine Channel.
This weekend, April 11- 13th, in 26 cities all over the world, there is an opportunity to receive Divine Healing Hands.

Why do you want Divine Healing Hands?
Divine Healing Hands carry divine power, which includes:
* divine frequency and vibration which can transform the frequency and vibration of all life, including health, relationships, finances, business, children and every aspect of life.

*divine love, which melts all  blockages and transforms all life

* divine forgiveness, which brings inner peace and joy

*divine compassion, which boos energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.

* divine light, which heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind and body and transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and every aspect of life.

How do Divine Healing Hands work?

Divine Healing Hands remove soul mind body blockages, which are blockages in the jing qi shen (matter, energy, soul) of the body for healing, rejuvenation, and remove soul mind body blockages in relationships, finances, children, intelligence, and more in order to transform every aspect of life.

This is the first time in history the Divine has released Divine Hands to humanity.

This opportunity will not be here forever.  Listen to your heart and soul.

Divine Healing Hands are here for you now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Practice to Gather Jing Qi Shen from Heaven and Mother Earth

How old is Mother Earth?
Some scientists say around 10 billion years.
I believe Mother Earth is older than this.
How does Mother Earth live so long?
Because Mother Earth carries a very high vibration of jing qi shen (matter, energy, soul) of the Tao.

The Tao is the Source. The Source is the Creator of Heaven, Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes.

Heaven carries the Tao frequency of jing qi shen.

Heaven and Mother Earth are unconditional servants.  They will send their jing qi shen to us to help us rejuvenate and prolong our life.
Why do we want to prolong our life?  In order to serve better.

We can do a very simple practice in order to receive the jing qi shen of Heaven and Mother Earth.

We do the 4 Power Techniques.  These techniques are explained below (see tabs).

Body Power:  Sit up straight.  Place both hands over the lower abdomen around the navel area.

Mind Power:  Place mind in the lower back half of the abdomen.  This is the area of Tao in your body.
                        Visualize a Light Ball here.
Sound Power:  Chant Jing Qi Shen He Yi (matter, energy, soul join as one).

Soul Power:  Soul Power is the key; it is to say 'Hello' to Heaven to Mother Earth and sending them gratitude for sharing their jing qi shen with us.

Dear Heaven,
Dear Mother Earth,
I love you.  Please send your jing qi shen to strengthen me, to increase my life, to rejuvenate me so I may be a better servant.

I am grateful beyond words.

Then chant:  Jing qi shen he yi for about 15 minutes.

Close with Thank you Heaven, Mother Earth Jing Qi Shen.  I thank you for your unconditional service.

Practice as often as you can.  You will notice your have more energy.  Your emotions are balanced.  You think more clearly.

You are prolonging your life.

You are opening your heart further to the Divine.