Monday, September 1, 2014

Soul Healing Miracles Source Calligraphy for the Spinal Column

I am very happy to be a part of the Soul Healing Miracles Video Contest introduced by Master Sha on August 16th during the Free Soul Healing Miracles for Humanity.

Master Sha created a very powerful Source Ling Guang (Soul Light) Calligraphy for healing the spinal column.  The spinal column is from the neck to the tailbone.  There are so many who suffer from back issues. 

Each Source Ling Guang Calligraphy carries the jing qi shen (matter, energy, soul) of The Source that can remove soul mind body blockages of sickness and transform the jing qi shen of a human being’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies from head to toe, skin to bone, to restore them to health. 

The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy's contain profound healing treasures that have been downloaded from The Source through Master Sha as he creates them.

I would like to share my personal experience with tracing this powerful Source Ling Guang Calligraphy.

I developed scoliosis when I was 8 years old in the sacral area of my spinal column.  In my mid twenties I was told by a chiropractor that I would have to have back surgery in the next 10 years or so because my lowest vertebra was practically nonexistent because of the stress of the scoliosis. My back was constantly sore because the muscles were trying to compromise for the curve in my spine.
I managed through swimming and exercise to keep my back muscles  strong because I was determined not to have surgery.

In 2007 when I meet Master Sha I received many treasures to help my spinal column.  It always improved.  I still experience soreness and my body remains a little lopsided because of the scoliosis.

I am very excited about the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy for the Spinal Column.  
I began to trace the Calligraphy.  
I see the beautiful Light Ball come into my spinal column traveling up and down and concentrating in my lower back in the area of the scoliosis. The Light Ball rotates counterclockwise and clockwise. The Light Ball delivers the jing qi shen of the Source healing. It is helping to straighten out my curved spine.

There is  a beautiful liquid spring soothing and sending healing energies to relieve the stress of the scoliosis.   There are countless healing angels sending a very beautiful light to help heal and soothe. I feel so light in my physical body.  I see the stress being released as dark and gray smoke.

This is incredible.  I have not experienced anything like this before.

I strongly encourage everyone to join this contest and experience the Soul Healing Miracles.  Share your healing story.

Go to and find the tab for Soul Healing Miracles Video Contest.

The contest winner will receive The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Ren Di Tian Tao Spinal Column He Yi (human being’s, Mother Earth’s, Heaven’s and Tao’s spinal column join as one) created and blessed by Master Sha during Soul Healing Miracles for Humanity on Saturday, August 16! This is a beyond priceless treasure for your healing and spiritual journey.

Prepare to heal.
Prepare to transform.
Prepare to be very, very blessed.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your third eye images of what happens doing this practice. I hope many many more people will join the contest and experience the benefits of this practice. Oh yes, and I really really like the photo.