Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Ancestors and Soul Enlightenment

I was so excited when Master Sha offered Soul Enlightenment again.
Soul enlightenment is to uplift the soul journey.  I understand very deeply how important soul enlightenment is.
I understand better the importance of uplifting our ancestors also. Remember our ancestors plant the tree, we enjoy the shade.

Last year, Master Sha offered soul enlightenment at one of the retreats.  He strongly encouraged us to register our ancestors, either direct ancestors or most important ancestors.  I received the guidance to offer to my direct ancestors.

So I did.  I was fortunate to be able to offer this several times over the course of two years.

I have a younger brother.  We were close growing up, but grew apart as we got older.

I noticed after the soul enlightenment, his attitude toward me, his son and our father improved.

He is more personable and generous.  I did not really connect this with the soul enlightenment.  After all, I uplifted my ancestors not my siblings.

Several months later, there were a series  of circumstances involving my younger brother that I grew to realize he had been my great great grandfather.  So his soul was uplifted because he is also one of my ancestors.

I am so fascinated by this.  I could clearly see the difference in him.  He is happier and more compassionate. He treats his son better.  He is willing to help out where he was not willing to before.  I am more understanding and compassionate toward him.

What an opportunity we have when Master Sha offers soul enlightenment.  Our souls could be lifted to the Saints level.  No other time in history has such a profound service been offered in this way.

Let us pay close attention to our family members.  Let us send them love and forgiveness.  Do forgiveness practice including your family members and ancestors.

We are more closely connected than we may realize.
We are very loved and blessed.

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