Sunday, September 21, 2014

Removing Heart Blockages through Forgiveness Practice

Please allow me share a story regarding an experience I had while doing forgiveness practice.

During this past year,  I have felt a blockage in my heart.  I did not know how to remove this blockage.  I would often think, 'How can I remove this blockage in my heart?  It is very heavy and affects my life so deeply'.

No answer would come.

I do forgiveness practices every day.  I could feel many blockages being removed as I dedicated myself to these practices.  I was growing and expanding in my spiritual journey. There were many shifts and changes in my life.  Many things were much better.  Thoughts and emotions were more balanced. I experienced more energy and vitality. I was happier.

But I could still feel the blockage in my heart.

Another very important aspect of Forgiveness Practice…not only are we being forgiven and offering forgiveness to others,  we are also gaining spiritual strength.  This strength helped me to continue with the Forgiveness Practice on a very consistent basis.  I did not lose hope.  I am so grateful for this.

While continuing to do the Forgiveness Practice,  I noticed my gratitude increased.  I was so thankful for the forgiveness.  I was so thankful for the transformation happening in my life.

I began to connect stronger with the gratitude.  I then saw the soul of Gratitude.  A beautiful and huge Light Being.  This soul carried very high frequency of yin energy.

So I persistently continued with my Forgiveness Practice.  I continued to connect with the beautiful soul of Gratitude.  I begin to feel a higher level of gratitude in my heart.

And one day, I noticed the large blockage in my heart was no longer present.  In it's place was a very beautiful and bright channel.  I say many healing angels there.  I say the soul of Gratitude. I understood gratitude better because this high level blockage in my heart was removed.

I was so happy.  I was so relieved.

There may be higher levels of blockages in my heart.  However,  I understand so deeply how forgiveness and gratitude go hand and hand to remove these heart blockages.  Heart blockages are some of the most difficult blockages to remove.  Yet I fully understand through continuous  Forgiveness Practice and being in sincere Gratitude, these blockages will transform.

I cannot bow down enough for this realization.  I cannot bow down enough for everything Master Sha, the Source and the Divine give us.  Every second of every day.

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