Monday, August 25, 2014

Healing and Rejuvenation Using Soul Movement

Often we think about healing or meditating while sitting down.  Most of the time this is what people do.

And this is wonderful.

However, Soul Movement can heal also.

I often have low back pain and discomfort.  My spinal column can be stiff. I can feel anxious, depressed, angry or fearful.  I may have reoccurring thoughts that are not helpful. I may not feel very clear about the direction of my spiritual journey.

Soul Movement is when we ask our body soul to guide our arms, legs and body in soul movement. We can ask all the inner souls to join.  The souls of our cells, organs, organ systems to join in the Soul Movement in addition to our beloved body soul. We can ask our emotions and thoughts to join in the Soul Movement.

We can ask outer souls as well.  The outer souls are Saints, our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers in Heaven and on Mother Earth.  We can ask Heaven's animals, nature souls to do Soul Movement with us. The soul of the sun, the moon, planets, stars, galaxies and universes. We can ask the soul of the mountains to join us in Soul Movement.

Soul Movement is when the soul is in charge of the body movement.  Our mind is not engaged.

I can play one of Master Sha's beautiful CD's as I do Soul Movement.

Soul Movement can be done for healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Here is a very simple formula to follow:

Say Hello:

Dear soul mind and body of my body soul, systems souls, organ souls cell souls, cell unit souls,
I love you and greatly appreciate you.

Dear souls of my spiritual father and mothers on Mother Earth and in Heaven,
Dear souls of all nature,
Dear animal souls,
Dear the soul of the sun, moon, stars, planets, galaxies and universes,
Dear Soul of the Divine,
I love you all.
I cannot honor you enough.

Please guide me to do Soul Movement to help heal my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies, balance, rejuvenate, increase my intelligence and to be a better servant to all souls, 

My gratitude is beyond words.
Thank you.

Dear the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony, 
Dear the Divine Soul Song of God Gives His Heart,
Dear all the Source Calligraphy's,

I love you and honor you  beyond words.

Could you give me a healing as appropriate for my spiritual, physical, mental, emotional bodies.
Please help me to rejuvenate, increase my intelligence, better understand unconditional service.

My gratitude is beyond words.

Then do soul movement for at least 15 minutes.

Play the CD Love Peace and Harmony or Follow Nature's Way or God's Light.
Any of the CD's will greatly enhance the frequency and healing quality of your Soul Movement.

When you finished please say Thank you Thank you Thank you, Love you Love you Love you, Gong Song Gong Song Gong Song!

Honor Heaven and all the souls that came to do Soul Movement with you.
 Practice it .
Enjoy it.
Benefit from it.

We all are very  blessed!

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