Sunday, September 28, 2014

Opening the Heart in Unconditional Service

Opening the heart is not so easy.

I always believed my heart was open.  I felt love.  I accepted many people and many things.  I realize now this does not necessarily  mean that the heart is open.

I now understand there are levels to opening the heart, just like there are levels in our spiritual journey. There are levels to every aspect of life.

Generally speaking, we close our hearts when we experience emotional pain.  We may or may not be consciously aware of this.  I know I wasn't.  Eventually, through persistent forgiveness practices, I gradually became aware of blockages in my heart.  Blockages keep the heart closed. Blockages can prevent us from giving and from receiving the true love.

Through many hours of forgiveness practice, blockages were removed from my heart.  As stated earlier, there are levels to our blockages.  What may be removed on one level could still exist on another.

The greatest part of my heart blockages were not due to the desire for forgiveness, but in forgiving.  Through many hours in a forgiveness practice this blockage was made known to me.  I was able to see the blockage that my lack of forgiveness to others was creating in my life.

These blockages were strongly affecting my ability to feel true love and to give true love.

I had an Ah Ha moment very recently.  Even though there may be blockages and emotional pain in the heart, open your heart any way.
How?  By blessing others.  By chanting Da Ai and asking Da Ai to bless your family members, your friends, your loved ones, your colleagues, your children, parents, grandparents, your pets, your neighbors pets.

Go through each Source Calligraphy in the Soul Healing Miracles book.  Ask each Calligraphy to send a blessing.  Then chant the name of the Calligraphy.

Please one palm over the Calligraphy and face the other palm out.

Visualize the beautiful Source Light, the Saints, Heaven Saints' Animals all the treasures responding to your request.  They are unconditional universal servants.

Offer the Soul Power.  Dear beloved Source Ling Guang Calligraphy of Da Ai (or the Calligraphy you are choosing to use)  I love you!
Please send a blessing to my (mother, sister, child, friend, pet).
I am so grateful.

Then chant.  You can ask blessings for each individual or as a group.

Notice what happens within yourself.

This opens the heart.  Focus on service. Be grateful to have the opportunity to offer service.

Feel your heart smile.

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  1. Beautiful teaching and great idea to open the heart further. I love that the focus in the practice is to serve others to open our own hearts and souls further. To have an open heart is so important on the souls journey. I realized that the more the heart is open the more the spiritual channels are open, the better we can serve.

    Thank you Master Ellen Logan for this teaching, Da Ai from Germany!