Monday, October 6, 2014

Developing Da Qualities - Da Ai - Greatest Love

Everyone possess the 7 Da Qualities.
What are the 7 Da Qualities?

The 7 Da Qualities are Da Ai (greatest love), Da Kuan Shu
(greatest forgiveness), Da Ci Bei (greatest compassion), Da Guang Ming (greatest light), Da Qian Bei ( great humility), Da He Xie (greatest harmony), Da Yuan Man (greatest enlightenment).

To highly develop your 7 Da Qualities is to greatly advance in your Spiritual Journey.  You receive much virtue.  Every aspect of your life is better.  You are able to pass your spiritual testing much faster. You soul is very happy.  You are very happy. The souls in your life are happy.

Develop the Da Qualities every day.

Sometimes you may want to concentrate on one.  For example, Da Ai (greatest love).

I always use the 4 Power Techniques that Master Sha has taught us.

Body Power:  I sent up as straight as I can, back free and clear.  I place my feet on the floor.  I gently close my eyes and touch the roof of my mouth with the tip of my tongue.

Mind Power:  I visualize a beautiful light ball in my Message Center (located in the middle of the chest  and includes your heart).  This light ball is radiating the Divine light of love.

Sound Power:  I chant out loud and then silently Da Ai. It is perfectly ok to chant in English (or your native language), Greatest Love.

Soul Power: is to say 'Hello'.
Dear Divine,
Dear Da Ai,
Dear all my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers and my Heaven's Team,
Dear my heart and soul,
I love you all.

Please help me to highly develop my Da Ai.  Please help me to connect deeper with Da Ai.  Please help me to understand the wisdom of Da Ai and all of the 7 Da Qualities.
Please help me to connect deeper with my heart and soul.
I am very very grateful.

I chant for 10 minutes or longer.

Then I do the Breath Power.

I inhale fully and gently.  It is a natural full breath.
As I inhale I chant 'Da Ai'.

I then exhale.  As I exhale I chant 'Da Ai'.

I do this for 10 full turns of inhaling and exhaling.

After this practice, I feel very clear in my mind.  I am filled with Divine Love.
I know I will be able to serve better.  I know I will be able to understand deeper the teachings of Master Sha.  I feel more confident and assured that the Divine does love me and I can trust the Divine deeper.

I am grateful beyond words and comprehension.

You can then go through each Da Quality using this practice. You may receive further insight on a similar practice that is unique for you.  Pay attention to the guidance you receive while chanting Da Ai and then make sure and follow through.

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  1. Dear Master Ellen Logan,

    thank you for sharing this powerful practice with us! I felt connected with Da Ai like never before.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    With Da Ai from Germany!