Monday, April 28, 2014

The Influence of Relationships

I had a powerful AH HA moment today.

After being on the Saturday web cast with Master Sha during the New Living Expo and receiving very powerful blessings, I realized my Spiritual Channels were more open.

I feel more connected with every soul.  I feel such love and peace.  I feel confident and happy.
Challenges are not so intimidating.

My AH HA moment brought a very powerful realization. This realization is everything in our life involves relationships.  We have relationships with everything and everyone.

Some of our relationships are smooth. They are natural and flowing.

Other relationships are rough.  The relationship does not flow well.
When a relationship is not smooth, there are blockages.

Blockages are on all levels.  The most significant blockage is on the level of the Soul.  These blockages are negative karma.
Karma is the record of services. We can have karma with another person.  We can have karma with our finances.  Negative karma blocks us in every aspect of our life.

I understand deeper how negative karma blocks us in our relationships.  Remember we have a relationship with every thing.  Even our thoughts. We have relationship with our actions.  We have a relationship with ourselves.

We have a relationship with the Divine. With our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.

One of the best ways to clear negative karma is through Forgiveness Practice.

Ask for forgiveness for your relationships.  This can be done in a general way and a specific way.

Use the 4 Power Techniques.  This technique is described below in the Forgiveness Practice tab.

The Soul Power is where you call in the souls you wish to seek forgiveness from.  You can call in the relationship soul of your finances.  The relationship soul of your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and mindsets.  Ask for forgiveness for any negative karma you carry through these relationships.

Ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart.  Be sincere and honest. Connect deeply with these relationships.

I found connecting with the relationship brought me closer to the issues that forgiveness.  I received very clear guidance on how these negative relationships were formed so I can be careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

I am so grateful for the guidance and insight.

I am so grateful to Master Sha for empowering me to have the deeper insight so I am freer to grow on my spiritual path.

I hope my AH HA moment helps you with your forgiveness practice.

I hope it helps you to connect more deeply to your own heart and to the heart of the Divine.

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