Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Romeo, Juliet and Love Peace and Harmony

I have been thinking about William Shakespeare.  And it so happens that today April 23rd is widely celebrated as his birthday.  He lived 450 years ago.  His plays remain very popular.

I have been  connecting to Romeo and Juliet.  I recently found the theme song from the 1968 film, Romeo and Juliet, on YouTube.  The theme song is  A Time for Us.

I realize that I am hearing this beautiful song with new ears.  The theme of the play, Romeo and Juliet, has taken on a deeper meaning for me.

Allow me to explain why.
Romeo and Juliet were teenagers who recognized they had a true romantic love together.  Yet they could not be together openly because they families were mortal enemies.  In the end, they took their lives.  Their love was not allowed to thrive.

I see so much significance to this theme.  Unless the world is in Love Peace and Harmony, it is difficult  for our own personal love to thrive.  There are blockages.  The love is not free to flow.

If we think only about ourselves, and our own situation, we are very limited.  We are all connected.
Everything connects to and influences everything else.

Many are looking for a true romantic love.  But we need to love ourselves first, we need to love humanity and all souls.  We need to join hearts and souls together to create love peace and harmony.

All of our relationships will thrive.  Our romantic relationship with flourish.  The relationships with our family, friends, colleagues will flourish.  Our relationship with Divine, Mother Earth, Heaven will flourish.

Please chant Love Peace and Harmony as much as possible.  Help create the Love Peace Harmony World Family and Love Peace Harmony Universal Family.

Divine Soul Song LovePeace and Harmony | Power of ...

Now is the time.  It is the time for all of us.

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