Monday, April 21, 2014

Heal by Chanting Ren Di Tian Tao HEART He Yi

Why do we suffer?

In Master Sha's teachings, the answer is simple.  We have separated our heart from the Divine.
We have separated because of negative karma.

During the Divine Healing Hands training, April 11- 13th,  Master Sha taught a very powerful mantra.

This mantra will help us become one again.  One with Divine, one with ourselves, one with wan ling (all souls).

The mantra is very simple and very powerful.

"Ren Di Tian  Tao HEART He Yi"  (human being Mother Earth Heaven Tao Heart join as one).

I have chanted this mantra every day since the end of the Divine Healing Hands weekend.
I feel balanced and stable.  My emotions are steady.  My thinking is clear.

I feel very happy.  I feel connected with the Divine.  I feel very connected with my own heart.  I feel connected with all souls.

I am hopeful.  I trust. I know deep in my heart that the Divine loves all souls.  The Divine is invested in us.

When we feel the huge love of the Divine,  we better understand service.  When we serve,  we are more connected with the Heart of the Divine.

Continue to chant.  Help heal your suffering by connecting deeply with the Divine.  Feel the powerful love.  Feel the ONENESS of all souls.

The more we join our hearts together, the more the Divine lives in and through us.

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