Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Practice to Gather Jing Qi Shen from Heaven and Mother Earth

How old is Mother Earth?
Some scientists say around 10 billion years.
I believe Mother Earth is older than this.
How does Mother Earth live so long?
Because Mother Earth carries a very high vibration of jing qi shen (matter, energy, soul) of the Tao.

The Tao is the Source. The Source is the Creator of Heaven, Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes.

Heaven carries the Tao frequency of jing qi shen.

Heaven and Mother Earth are unconditional servants.  They will send their jing qi shen to us to help us rejuvenate and prolong our life.
Why do we want to prolong our life?  In order to serve better.

We can do a very simple practice in order to receive the jing qi shen of Heaven and Mother Earth.

We do the 4 Power Techniques.  These techniques are explained below (see tabs).

Body Power:  Sit up straight.  Place both hands over the lower abdomen around the navel area.

Mind Power:  Place mind in the lower back half of the abdomen.  This is the area of Tao in your body.
                        Visualize a Light Ball here.
Sound Power:  Chant Jing Qi Shen He Yi (matter, energy, soul join as one).

Soul Power:  Soul Power is the key; it is to say 'Hello' to Heaven to Mother Earth and sending them gratitude for sharing their jing qi shen with us.

Dear Heaven,
Dear Mother Earth,
I love you.  Please send your jing qi shen to strengthen me, to increase my life, to rejuvenate me so I may be a better servant.

I am grateful beyond words.

Then chant:  Jing qi shen he yi for about 15 minutes.

Close with Thank you Heaven, Mother Earth Jing Qi Shen.  I thank you for your unconditional service.

Practice as often as you can.  You will notice your have more energy.  Your emotions are balanced.  You think more clearly.

You are prolonging your life.

You are opening your heart further to the Divine.

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