Sunday, November 30, 2014

Relationships and the First Soul House

We have relationships with everything.
We have a relationship with the Divine, with Heaven with our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.
With loved ones, with family, friends, society. We have a relationship with our body, our soul, our  mind. With have a relationship with our emotions, our soul journey.
We have relationships with animals, Mother Earth, nature, our home, mountains, oceans.  We have a relationship with our home town,  our job,  our car,  our food, with absolutely everything.

In our body, we carry 7 Soul Houses.  At this time, I will not go through all of the soul houses.
I will concentrate on the first Soul House,  The first Soul House carries our relationships.

Master Sha has give to humanity a very powerful and important practice to help purify and clear the first Soul House.  And as a result, our relationships will improve...our relationship with everything.

Chant this mantra for the first Soul House every day.
Chant each line 5 times each.

Hei Ya You Tao (hey ya yoo dao )

Hei Ya You Zhong (area located in the back half of the lower abdomen)

Hei Ya You Ling (ling means 0)

Hei Ya You Xu (shu) (xu means emptiness)

Hei Ya You Kong (kong means nothingness)

When you are chanting you enter into a very special place to help you clear and purify your first Soul House.

Chant for 15 minutes a day or longer,  Chant every chance you get.

The first Soul House is the foundational Soul House.
Practice chanting this mantra to improve all of your relationships.

You can also make a request for a specific relationship.

I have done this practice many times over the past several years.  I feel very energized and happy whenever I practice. I continue to practice and greatly encourage you to do the same.

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