Monday, November 10, 2014

The Big Way is Extremely Simple

I am beginning to understand at a deeper level Master Sha's teaching from the Tao:  Da Tao zhi jian.
This means The Big Way is extremely simple.

Often,  we look for complicated ways for solving problems, healing and spiritual development.  The true reality is that the truth is very simple.  We must discipline ourselves to fully realize how simple.
If you truly understand Da Tao zhi jian, you understand to apply Da Tao zhi jian is to benefit your healing, rejuvenation, opening spiritual channels and transforming every aspect of life.

How do you apply Da Tao zhi jian for healing, rejuvenation, opening spiritual channels and life transformation?

Master Sha has released a major secret for healing and transformation. Three secrets for spiritual and energy healing have been applied since ancient times.  These three secrets are:

Shen Mi - Body secret- body and hand positions for healing... where you put your hands is where the light goes.  Where light goes, energy follows.

Kou Mi - Mouth secret means chanting healing mantra's. When you chant healing mantras the light comes in, energy follows, blockages can be removed.

Yi Mi - Thinking secret - where you put your mind is where your boost energy and healing.

To these 3 ancient secrets Master Sha has added a fourth secret.

Ling Mi - Soul secret  -  saying hello to inner and outer souls - inviting them to be active participates in your healing process.

Ancient spiritual wisdom is 'San mi he yi'.  This means join Shen Mi, Kou Mi, Yi Mi together as one.

Now we ask the Ling Mi to join also.  This greatly increase our healing power.  We benefit so much.
We understand the deeper wisdom of the simplicity of the Tao.

Allow me to share a practice with you from Master Sha's Tao I  The Way of All Life.

A very simple practice with great benefits.

First apply Shen Mi:

Sit up straight.  Put the tip of your tongue as close as you can to the roof of your mouth without touching it.  Put both palms in the lotus hands positions as follows:

Place your hands in front of your Message Center in the center of your chest.  Bentley touch he heels of your hands together, gently touch your thumbs together and gently touch your little rings together.  Open all of your fingers as though you are holding a beautiful flower.

Yi Mi 

Visualize golden light shining in your Third Eye, which is located in the center of your head, in the area of the pineal gland.

Kou Mi

Sing or chant:

Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong
Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong
Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong
Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong
Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong
Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong
Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong

Ling Mi

Say hello:

Dear Divine, Dear my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers in all layers of Heaven and on Mother Earth,
Dear my Body Soul, 
Dear my Third Eye energy center,
I love you.
You have the power to open my Third Eye Channel.  To open the Third Eye channel is to be a better unconditional universal servant.
I am very grateful

Chant for at least three to five minutes per time; the longer the better.
This practice will help you to open your Third Eye.  To open your Third Eye is to see the spiritual images.  To see the spiritual images could help you understand even better the Tao and the simplicity of the Tao.

Practice often to receive the benefits.  Open your heart and trust the simplicity of the Da Tao.

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