Sunday, November 23, 2014

Open Heart for Service

The other night I went to a fund raiser for a Woman's Shelter in my home town.
I was very touched by the huge turnout.

I was very touched by the stories.
The story by the church administrative assistant who first received the idea from God (her words).
The stories of homelessness, drug addiction and domestic violence.
The stories of the shelter helping them start a new life.

For the past 10 years, the shelter has grown and now houses over several hundred women.
I was very happy to see the care, concern and generosity of everyone there.
The open hearts to serve others.

It reminded me of the Law of Universal Service.
The Divine through Master Sha has given us the Law of Universal Service.
The Law of Universal Service is:

Serve a little receive a little blessing.
Serve more and receive more blessings.
Serve unconditionally and receive limitless blessings.

It touches my heart deeply to see how unconditionally Master Sha serves.
He serves non stop.
He is such a powerful example for all of us.

Service is to make others happier and healthier.
There are so many ways to serve.

Service is an open heart.
Let us all open our hearts further to each other, to humanity to wan ling (all souls).
Let us be the service we want to see in the world.

Whatever that may be.

Thank you for listening with your heart.
Thank you for opening your heart to serve.

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