Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Beauty of Xiu Lian - Purification Practice

When we stay on our Xiu Lian path (purification practice and process) we gain so much knowledge and wisdom.
We gain virtue.
We love.
We gain insight..
Our hearts open.
We hold more forgiveness in our hearts.
We are more compassionate.
We carry more light.

What is Xiu Lian?
Xiu Lian is meditating and chanting every day…Xiu Lian is deep dedication to our spiritual journey.
When we practice Xiu Lian we are paying very close attention to our soul.  We are very interested in learning how to serve. And learning how to serve better.

Xiu Lian is doing forgiveness practice every day sincerely and from the bottom of our heart.

Xiu Lian is lining up with the Divine, with our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers and with our Heaven's Team.
Doing Xiu Lian is recognizing the blessings we receive every single day.

Xiu Lian is the gratitude for whatever happens in our life.

We totally trust the Divine, our Heaven's Team for whatever happens to us.
Because we understand deep in our hearts how extremely loved we are.

How to stay in Xiu Lian is to connect your heart with the Divine's heart every second of every day.

Chant Love Peace and Harmony..chant Divine Love…Divine Light…Divine Forgiveness…

Stay in Xiu Lian and watch your life transform at a very deep level.

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