Thursday, October 9, 2014

Increasing Trust in the Divine

I have become increasingly aware that my trust in the Divine is increasing.

I realize this because I am not so worried or anxious over things.

My heart is more open and I feel a true love for all souls.
I have more confidence in myself.
I have more confidence in my abilities.

I am more sincere in asking for forgiveness.  I am more sincere in giving forgiveness.

I am more committed to practice - chanting mantras for self healing and for healing others.

I am so happy Master Sha has delivered so many sacred teachings and mantras so we can fully develop ourselves on every level.

More and more we all will realize this.  We will realize deeper how blessed we are to have been the recipients of Master Sha's teaching.  And how important it is to share with others.

When we find ourselves sharing with a full and open heart, we really develop our trust.  We completely trust the love that Master Sha and the Divine have for us.

We simply trust.

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