Monday, August 4, 2014

Transformation and the Purpose of Life

Transformation is necessary for our spiritual journey.  Without transformation it is very difficult to move forward.  Transformation is a very important gift from the Divine.  It is part of the love the Divine expresses to us.

When we go through testing we are transforming.  When we pass our testing a level of transformation is complete.  We then move to the next level where there could be greater transformation and higher level testing.  When you really understand your soul's journey, you are grateful for the testing.  

When we are in testing it is important to recognize it.  It is important to be grateful. We are being blessed in a very special way.  The Divine is telling us that we can do it.  The Divine has confidence we will pass our testing.  The Divine strengthens us.  Let us accept the gifts the Divine offers us.  Let us be truly grateful from the bottom of our heart.

Do not think I cannot do this this is too much.  Instead apologize in your heart that you are not trusting enough.  You are not trusting in the Divine enough.  You are not trusting yourself enough.

Do not compare yourself to others.  Everyone goes through transformation.  Everyone struggles.  We are all challenged at our own particular level.  We will continue to be tested until we pass the testing.

When we pass, we are transformed.  We move further on our soul's journey.   When we truly understand we recognize what a great honor and privilege the testing is.  How wonderful the transformation is.

Keep moving forward.  Be in sincere gratitude.  You will pass through.  You will better understand the purpose of life.


  1. Thank you Master Ellen. This us beautiful. I like the part about trusting the Divine and ourselves ! Tytyty lylyly

    1. Thank you, Julia, for your love and service,

  2. Dear Master Ellen, Love you! Thank you for this beautiful message and teaching. It is a great reminder for all of us. Love, Master Elaine

    1. Dear Master Elaine, Thank you for your reply. I greatly appreciate it so much. And thank you for your great service.
      Love you!