Monday, December 29, 2014

Soul Language Soul Song to transform for the New Year

I am learning to chant Soul Language.

I have had my soul language for over 7 years.  However, recently I am learning at a deeper level, how significant soul language is.

Soul Language is the language of the soul.  All souls understand soul language.  All souls communicate using soul language.

I understand deeper when we chant our soul language we are sending messages filled with love, forgiveness, compassion and light.

I have learned to chant soul language if I feel sad or happy,  If the day is going well or if the day is not going well.

Soul Language is praise and gratitude.  For not matter what happens, I am grateful.  I may not understand all the testing and purification that is happening.  Instead of going into complaining or feeling sorry for myself...I can chant soul language.

I fee stronger and more at peace.  I can feel the Divine love in the soul language.

I can also move into soul song.  Soul song carries another level of the frequency and vibration of soul language.  Things can transform very quickly.

Most of Master Sha's  books teach us how to bring out our soul language.  Everyone soul has soul language.

The Tao I book, page 203-206 teaches us how to bring out our soul language.  Pages 235-237 teaches us how to bring out our soul song.

Chant soul language and sing soul song as often as possible.  Bless you life.  Heal your life through this powerful technique.  Bring peace and joy to your life.

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