Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your Soul is the Boss and Happy Holidays!

One of my Holiday wishes is that more people realize that the soul is the boss.

We experience so many challenges.  This time of year brings more awareness to my heart of the struggles and challenges we face.

Many people have very busy minds.  Many people's mindsets, attitudes and beliefs promote stress, struggles, and challenges.  When we experience struggles, we tend to turn even more to our minds.  I realize the more I use my mind, the more lost I can become.  I can feel overwhelmed and helpless. This is because the mind can move us in the wrong direction.

Master Sha teaches us in the Tao I to allow your soul and heart to receive guidance from them.  Your soul and heart can guide you in the right direction to better solutions for every aspect of life.

When you face any challenges or blockages, whether in health, relationships, or finances, to use your mind is not wrong.  But do not forget you spiritual guidance and practice.  Do not forget the teaching that the soul is the boss.  Realize that your soul is the boss.

Do not forget the one-sentence secret for soul healing and more:  Heal the soul first; then the healing of the mind and body will follow.  

Allow your soul to be the boss of your life.  Check with your soul first when you face challenges and struggles.  Connect with your heart.  May you fully realize at a very deep level, the soul is the boss.

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