Friday, July 11, 2014

Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel Practice using Da Ai

I realize deeper how important it is to purify and develop the Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel.
We all have Spiritual Channels.
The Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel (DDSCC) offers a direct pipeline so to speak, to communicate directly with the Divine with Saints and our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers in Heaven and on Mother Earth.

I notice the more I purify my Spiritual Channels through practice and chanting the clearer the communication becomes.

I am very grateful for this powerful channel.  It has greatly increased my trust and confidence in the love the Divine sends and in my own ability to communicate with the Soul World.

I use the DDSCC daily.  I ask for guidance and confirmation regarding decisions.  I feel the love and compassion from the Divine coming through the flows.  I feel the connection in my heart.  My heart opens more.  My DDSCC becomes more pure.

Use this simple practice.
Ask with love the Ling Guang Calligraphy of Da Ai (Greatest Love) to purify and open your DDSCC or open it further.

Dear Da AI Calligraphy,
I love you, honor you, and greatly appreciate you.
Please open and purify my DDSCC so I may become a better servant for all souls.
I am grateful beyond words.

Sit up straight.  Place one hand over your heart and the other hand on your lower abdomen.

Put your mind in the lower abdomen and visualize the beautiful bright light of Da Ai radiating in your abdomen and throughout your entire body.


Da Ai
Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
 Da Ai
Da Ai

Chant for 10 minutes.  Stayed connected to your heart and Message Center.  Be grateful for the blessing you are receiving.
After chanting for 10 minutes, practice soul communication. Ask for a message from the Divine, your Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Mothers.  Ask for a message from your own soul

The message will come.  Your spiritual journey will increase.  Your life will transform.  Your are blessed and very loved.

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  1. Dear Master Ellen, Thank you so much for the posting. I have been having challenges how to communicate with the Divine or my Shi Fus. I practiced everyday but am very grateful so far, I received the emptiness and the feeling from my heart I need to chant Da Bei Zhou.TY TY TY LY LY LY