Monday, July 21, 2014

Chanting Love Peace Harmony in the Light Center

A couple of days ago, I traveled to Black Mtn., North Carolina to lead a Love Peace Harmony chanting session. I go to a beautiful venue there named The Light Center (
The chanting session was amazing.  There were very special people that came who were new to Master Sha and the mission.  But their souls called them to come and chant.
Everyone was very grateful that they followed their soul's calling.

Everyone recognized the importance of creating  a Love Peace Harmony World Family and a Love Peace Harmony Universal Family.
They understood the power and significance of chanting love peace and harmony.  By chanting love peace and harmony you become love peace and harmony.
They deeply understand that each soul must become love peace and harmony.  Everyone understood the service offered to themselves and to others by chanting love peace and harmony.
I was amazed, honored and very happy.

The participates were very touched when we said Hello (Soul Power) to all our inner souls and to the Divine, the Source, Heaven, Mother Earth, Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, souls of humanity, all souls in Mother Earth and in countless stars, planets, galaxies and universes.  I explained that every soul was given a beautiful Love Peace Harmony soul.  This made everyone very happy.

Each asked for a blessing. And then we chanted.
We chanted for one half hour. Very connected to each other and to all souls. We were love peace and harmony.  We were creating love peace and harmony.

Ater chanting, there were beautiful souls in the soul world who I experienced in my Third Eye and Direct Soul Communication Channel that came and thanked us very sincerely for our service.  These ancient souls were so touched and greatly appreciated our chanting.  I was moved to tears to receive this message.
I understand how love peace and harmony creates a Love Peace Harmony World Family.

Now I understand even better.  Countless bow downs.

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  1. Thank you, Master Ellen and congratulations! It sounded like a wonderful event. I'm so happy that more of humanity can sing Love Peace Harmony ❤️ Love, Brenda