Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My story for Personal Karma Cleansing

Total karma cleansings will end December 31, 2013.
I have experienced total life transformation from having my personal karma cleansed.

I know my life as it is today, would simply not be if it had not been for personal karma cleansing.
I had my personal karma cleansed in March 2007.  I was at a book signing with Master Sha.
It was my first time meeting him.  A friend told me about him just a few days before.

When I met Master Sha he was presenting his book Soul Mind Body Medicine.
I was fascinated with his presentation.  Every time he mentioned karma cleansing, I knew I needed this.  Raised in the traditional Christan faith, I was not sure what karma cleansing even was, but my soul did.  And something I will be thankful for for the rest of my life, I followed my soul's guidance.  I asked Master Sha to clear my personal karma right then.

And he did.

Later I asked the Divine why I wanted my karma cleansed so badly.
The Divine told me it was because I was too be in a car accident in about 6 months and would have been paralyzed from the waist down.
I know this was to be.  I had thoughts growing up I could be in a wheel chair.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this powerful service.  Time is running out.

Grab this opportunity.  Connect with your heart and soul.  Connect with the Divine, your spiritual Fathers and Mothers, and understand more completely how important this is.
I know I am very grateful, grateful beyond words, that I listened to my soul's guidance and had my karma cleansed. If I had not, my life today would be very, very different.

The life of my loved ones would be very different also.

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