Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Make 2014 the year for connecting deeper to the Divine

This is a new year.  There are so many possibilities.
In 2014 make the Divine your priority.  Make forgiveness practice a priority.  Make service your priority.
To better understand how best to do this, open your Spiritual Channels.
The Soul Healing Miracles book has many practices that will help you purify and open your channels.

By purifying your channels, you ail receive clear messages.  You will gain confidence in what would best serve your soul's journey.  You will be more motivated to ask for forgiveness and to serve.

All of this will help you connect deeper to the Divine.  It will help you understand the heart of the Divine.  You will be more open to Divine guidance.

Begin now as the new year is here.  Grab this opportunity.

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