Monday, December 2, 2013

Living Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to connect with the heart of the Divine is to live gratitude.  The
Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with gratitude and to be truly grateful for what the Divine does for us every single day.
We may be very aware of being grateful.  Often, we may not be aware of all the gifts we are given every single day. It is easy to fall out of gratitude.  Then we may wonder why we are not happy.

Master Marilyn Smith has flowed a very beautiful book called, Gratitude: A Key to Happiness.
This little book is very powerful.  It has helped me to reconnect with gratitude and to realize how very fortunate I am.  Master Marilyn introduces a chant in this book that has tremendously helped change my attitude around gratitude.
The chant is."Gratitude changes my life".
Whenever I begin to feel discouraged I begin this chant.  My mood changes.  The beautiful feeling that is gratitude fills my entire being.  I feel happy.  I trust.  I am not worried.
This is beyond words.

Thank you, Master Marilyn, for this beautiful little book.  Thank you Divine, for giving this knowledge to Master Marilyn to share.  I am grateful beyond words.

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