Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Soul Enlightenment

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to receive Soul Enlightenment through the service of Master Sha.
Soul Enlightenment has brought me to a place of inner peace and joy.
I experience more gratitude for everything in my life.  This has brought me much happiness.
Soul Enlightenment is a very rare opportunity.  Every soul longs to be enlightened.  Our ancestors, out Spiritual Fathers and Mothers all want to be enlightened.  We have the great opportunity right now to honor our own souls, the souls of our loved ones as well as ancestors and Spiritual Fathers and Mothers to receive Soul Enlightenment.
Soul Enlightenment helps us connect to the heart of the Divine because it removes blockages that are preventing us from doing this.  Our soul climbs to a higher level of heaven.  Our soul saves thousands of life times of reincarnation to reach this special level.  
The Divine is offering us, through Master Sha's service, to be uplifted 10,000 lifetimes. To receive 10,000 life times of virtue.  To save 10,000 life times of reincarnation .  This is an incredible gift  that is available for us now until the end of this year 2013.
Take the opportunity now.  Realize the honor and the privilege.  Truly realize the opportunity to receive 10,000 life times of virtue through one Soul Order given by Master Sha. 

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