Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lessons Learned

Most of the time when we receive a karma cleansing we feel that our lives should transform right away.
When we are privileged enough to receive a karma cleansing, we are forgiven for our mistakes. This is priceless and beyond words.
Situations may not change immediately.  For some things could change right away, for others it could take longer.  It could take weeks, months or even years.

Why does it take longer for some to see change?
The Divine is very invested in our spiritual growth.
The Divine wants us to open our heart.

We can continue to do a forgiveness practice.  We can chant Da Ai (Greatest Love),  we can chant Da Kuan Shou (Greatest Forgiveness).  We need to practice.  We need to be aware of the mistakes we made and the honor of being forgiven.  We do not want to take anything for granted.

Eight years ago, I received karma cleansing for my finances.  Things improved for a little while and then got worse.  I honored for another financial karma cleansing, and another, and yet another.

Today my finances are very challenging.  Why?  I received KC time and again.  I understand that karma has layers.  I understand I had very heavy financial karma both personal and ancestral.

Why do I still struggle?
I do not do enough practice.  Very simple.  I understand.  I will do more practice.  I will make it a priority.  I have all ready been forgiven.  I need to honor this forgiveness and truly ask for forgiveness from those I harmed through finances.

Financial karma can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can manifest by selfishness.  It can manifest through not opening the heart.  It can manifest through not trusting the Divine, Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.  It can present through fear and lack of trust. It can manifest from not giving to others with an open heart.

Practicing helps transform these blockages at a very deep level.  Practice can help bring great insights.  We can learn lessons at a very deep level so we do not repeat the same mistakes.

I received guidance that the longer it takes for a blessing to manifest, the better.  This way we learn wisdom from a very great depth.  We will not repeat the same mistakes.  The Divine is preparing us for our transformation.

We are very blessed.

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