Monday, April 20, 2015

Da Ai for an Open Heart

An open heart is what propels us deeper into our spiritual growth.

Why do we want to grow spiritually?
The more we grow the more wisdom we obtain.
We understand better how our thoughts, actions and behaviors affect our lives.
We understand better how we create our lives. We understand that if we create negativity we suffer as a result.

An open heart connects with the heart of the Divine.  An open heart connects with the heart of the Source.  Our hearts are nourished and fed by the Source.

How do we open our hearts?
By wanting to open our hearts.
By conquering the fear within that would prevent us from opening our heart.

We conquer fear through Da Ai - Greatest Love.

We can chant Da Ai while visualizing love, greatest love, vibrating in our bodies.
We can concentrate in the area of the kidneys.  The kidneys carry the emotion of fear.

Chant often.  Send Da Ai out to your family, friends, pets, your neighbors pets, to your environment, your community.
Visual the Da Ai everywhere.

This is the way to open your heart.
We are all very blessed.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Master Ellen. I love chanting "Da Ai" (dah aye), the greatest love. It is the foundation for every other positive quality. LYLYLY. TYTYTY.