Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yuan Shen - Our Original Soul

Master Sha taught this past week about the Yuan Shen.  Yuan Shen is 'original soul'.  This soul is given to us at the second of conception.  Our body soul comes in later.

Yuan Shen is the pure soul from the Divine.
 I have been connecting deeper with my Yuan Shen.  The Yuan Shen resides in Kun Gong.  The Kun Gong is located near the Message Center.  The Kun Gong is the temple for the Yuan Shen inside the body.

I communicate with my Yuan Shen.  I ask for wisdom for my soul journey.  I ask for guidance with my daily life.  I feel very blessed to have been made aware of my Yuan Shen through Master Sha's teachings.

The purpose of life is to serve.  Our Yuan Shen helps us to understand service and how we can serve better. My Yuan Shen has guided me to open my heart further to be of better service.  Everyday I practice doing this.

Here is a suggested practice:
(using the 4 Power Techniques)

Body Power:  Sit up straight with feet firmly on the ground.   Place hands in the Soul Light era prayer position (left hand parallel over the heart, left hand in traditional prayer position). Close your eyes.

Mind Power:  Place your mind in the area of the Kun Gong.  Visualize a beautiful golden light ball there. Visualize the Golden Light Ball radiating and vibrating throughout your entire body.

Soul Power:  (say hello)

Dear my Yuan Shen,
I love you, honor you, greatly appreciate you.
Please bless my life.  
Please help me be a unconditional universal servant.
(please add any special request you may have).
I am grateful  beyond words.

Sound Power:
Chant silently or out loud:

Yuan Shen blesses my life.
Yuan Shen blesses my life.
Yuan Shen blesses my life
Yuan Shen blesses my life.

Chant for at least 10 minutes several times a day.

Watch your life transform.


  1. Dear Master Ellen, thank you for this beautiful post about the yuan shen and how we can connect more deeply with it. The past month or so I've been connecting with my yuan shen every day after I received a message from her wanting to be connected to everyday when I do my daily flows with my Shi Fu's. I'm continuously amazed her wisdom and messages and how she adds such joy to life when I connect with her more and more. Thank your emphasising that to me with your post, I love the practice and will do this more with my beloved yuan shen to meld more and more with her. ty ty ty ly ly ly cbd cbd cbd

  2. Thank you, Lily, for your deep understanding and great devotion. You are very blessed.