Monday, May 12, 2014

Practice for Developing the First Soul House

I am very excited about teaching the wisdom  for the First Soul House.
When I do the practice  I feel very happy.  I feel Divine's love.  I am more connected with humanity and wan ling (all souls).  I am more connected with Divine's Heart.

What are the Soul Houses?  Our soul can move within our body.  Some souls even travel outside the body.  Generally, your soul stays in one of the seven Soul Houses in your body.  All seven Soul Houses are located along the central channel of the body.   This central channel starts at the Hui Yin acupuncture point located in the perineum, between the genitals and the anus.  From the Hui Yin acupuncture point, go straight upward through the body to the top of the head, where the central channel will end at the Bai Hui acupuncture point (please see Master Sha's book, Tao Song and Tao Dance pg. 32-33).

The First Soul House is located at the center of the bottom of the torso and is fist size.
It is the key Soul House for healing the whole body because it includes the Hui Yin acupuncture point, which is the vital point for healing all sicknesses.  Every organ, cell, DNA, RNA needs yin yang balance.  The first Soul House is key for the yin yang balance.
The First Soul House expresses the relationship blockages.  The First Soul House is the sacred powerhouse for developing confidence and stability.

It is the sacred power house for longevity.

We will do a practice for the First Soul House.  It is vital to develop the first Soul House for healing, rejuvenation and longevity.  The first Soul House is key for healing and balancing relationships.

Let us use the 4 Power Techniques.

Body Power:  Sit up straight.  Put the tip of your tongue as close as you can to the roof of your month without touching.  Place both palms over the lower abdomen, right below the navel area.

Soul Power: Say hello:

Dear Divine,
Dear Heaven, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies and universe,
Dear all Saints, healing angels, archangels, ascended masters, lamas, gurus, and all spiritual fathers and mothers in Mother Earth and in all layers of Heaven,
Dear my ancestors, 
Dear Tao Song mantra,
When I sing the Tao Song mantras for the first Soul House, please clear the soul, mind body blockages in my first Soul House and develop my first Soul House.  I am very, very grateful.  Thank you!

Mind Power:  Focus on your first Soul House, which is located at the bottom of your lower abdomen in the central channel of your torso.

Sound Power: Chant or sing silently or aloud:

Hei Ya You Tao  ( hay yah yoe dao)
Hei Ya You Tao
Hei Ya You Tao
Hei Ya You Tao
Hei Ya You Tao

Chant for at least 10 minutes or as long as you can.

This practice is so powerful for balancing yin yang in the body, for rejuvenation and healing relationships.

Whenever I chant, I feel more confident and stable.  I am more loving and compassionate toward all souls.  My energy is increased and I feel happy.

Try it for yourself.  Chant 3 or 4 times a day for at least 10 minutes each time.

Prepare to open your heart further.  Prepare to be healthier and happier.

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