Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The more I connect with Divine's heart, the greater the realization that we are all connected.
You may say,  'Oh, I know this'.  To know this connection in the mind is great.  But to really feel this connection is priceless.

How do we feel this connection deeper?  How do we really FEEL we are connected heart to heart and soul to soul.

We do this by serving.  We can serve by chanting.  We can chant Love Peace and Harmony.
Chant Love Peace and Harmony everyday. Chant from the heart.  Call the souls of all your organs, systems, cells, every component of your physical body to chant.
Call in your emotional body to chant.  Call in your mental body to chant.

Call in the souls of your family members and loved ones to chant with you.
Call in your  community including animals and nature to chant.

Call in your state or provence to chant.  Call in your county to chant.  Call in Mother Earth to chant.

Chant from the heart.  Allow your soul to take charge and to chant Love Peace and Harmony.

I love my heart and soul.
I love all humanity.
Join hearts and souls together.
Love Peace and Harmony.
Love Peach and Harmony.

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