Monday, March 10, 2014

Relationship Karma Clearing with the Divine

When we are separated from the Divine, we can feel sad.  We can feel depressed.  We can easily lose our soul's journey.  We can easily get lost.

Connecting with the Divine is everything.  I notice in today's society, most people are seekers.  They seek money, power, relationships.  They seem to be continuously searching.  Often when people obtain the relationship they desire, the job, the power, the wealth, they are still unhappy.  Why?  They are missing the relationship with the Divine.  When we truly connect with our heart and soul, we can realize what we seek is the relationship with the Divine.  The heart and soul connection with the Divine.

How did we lose the strong relationship connection with the Divine?

The answer is simple.  It is our karma.  The karma we have accumulated in our relationship with the Divine.   The Divine does not separate from us.  We separate from the Divine through our negative thoughts and actions. Through negative mindsets, negative attachments, negative beliefs and attitudes. And through ego.  We gather relationship karma with the Divine through being angry and upset with Divine.  We gather karma by not being grateful to the Divine.  We gather karma in our relationship to the Divine because we complain. We gather karma because our relationship with the Divine is not our priority.

Jesus told us, 'Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you'.
Seek the Divine first, everything else is secondary.

It would take thousands of lifetimes of offering unconditional service to clear karma in our relationship with the Divine

Master Sha is offering karma cleansing for the relationship between you and the Divine.  This opportunity will not be offered past March 22nd.  The honoring is $250.  You honor by purchasing Soul Healing Miracles books.

I hope you understand the rare opportunity we have.  Know how much your life would improve when your relationship with Divine is karma free.  It is an opportunity no one can afford to miss.

Imagine how your life would be. And be very grateful.

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