Monday, February 23, 2015

Conquer Loneliness - Open your Heart

We have all experienced times when we feel very alone.  Mother Earth is filled with lonely people.

Look around you.  Loneliness is chronic.
We do not like feeling lonely.  We tend to make the biggest mistakes when we feel isolated and alone.

Often we do not acknowledge feeling lonely.  We can deny it through over eating, indulgence, judging, complaining and more. Loneliness is a tough feeling to feel.

Loneliness is a closed heart.

We are disconnected from our heart.  Our life suffers, Our soul suffers.  Everything suffers.

When we live with a closed heart, we can block very important parts of our life.  We are not allowing them to bloom because we do not trust the process.  Because our hearts are closed. Because our hearts are closed, we do not offer enough service.

Master Sha has brought to us from the Tao and the Divine many ways to open our hearts.
Every book Master Sha has written is a guide to opening the heart and soul.
Every book Master Sha has written takes us on a journey back to heart and soul unification.
This first begins with us.

Please chant the following Soul Songs as often as possible.

Open your heart further ... Serve your heart further.

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love peace and harmony
Love peace and harmony

God gives His heart to me
God gives His love to me
My heart melds with God's heart
My love melds with God's love.

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  1. Thank you Master Ellen for this wonderful blog. I do feel lonely sometimes but realize it is only because of the blockages in my heart. Thank for this priceless teaching:) Love you love you love you<3